Bobcat Loader, Excavator and Tractor Models Get Reusable Performance Air Filter Option

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K&N's Air Filter for Bobcat Models
K&N's Air Filter for Bobcat Models
The K&N E-4974 washable and reusable air filter is available for numerous Bobcat loader, excavator and tractor models. This air filter is constructed with K&N’s Hybrid media which is a non-woven synthetic material that is designed to be used dry and without air filter oil. Each high flow Hybrid air filter features lofted three-dimensional material which provides excellent filtration and large dust holding capacities.

The E-4974 performance air filter will protect your Bobcat engine, and your wallet, as you will no longer need to replace it repeatedly as you would with a disposable air filter. Since the E-4974 air filter is washable and reusable, when it does become dirty enough to need cleaning, it is very easy to clean using K&N Synthetic Air Filter Cleaner (99-0624). Simply remove the air filter from the Original Equipment (OE) housing and carefully shake off any loose dirt and debris, spray the cleaner on the air filter and let it soak for 10 minutes, then rinse the air filter out until the water runs clean. The K&N E-4974 air filter can be conveniently cleaned with low-pressure power washers, pressure sprayers or hose nozzles. Once dry simply reinstall the air filter and you are good to go.

The K&N E-4974 air filter comes with a one year limited warranty. K&N air filter E-4974 provides low restriction and outstanding engine protection to the Bobcat models listed below.

Bobcat T320
Bobcat T300
Bobcat T250
Bobcat T190
Bobcat T180
Bobcat S330
Bobcat S300
Bobcat S220
Bobcat S205
Bobcat S185
Bobcat S160
Bobcat A300

To see all K&N Bobcat air filters visit the Air Filters for Bobcat models page on


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