K&N 38-2039R Heavy Duty Reusable Air Filter Available for Western Star Trucks and More

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K&N Heavy Duty Air Filter 38-2039R
K&N Heavy Duty Air Filter 38-2039R
Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs where ever they can. This could not be more so than that of the owners and operators of 18 wheeler Semi-Trucks. Between the very strict regulations concerning semi-trucks and the cost of maintenance, it can be very difficult to find ways to save money. One way some of these owners and operators save money is by using a reusable K&N heavy duty air filter, specifically, the K&N 38-2039R heavy duty air filter, which replaces the air filters that fit trucks with external air filter housing like Western Star Trucks and other trucks that use air filters like the Donaldson EAF5016, Baldwin PA2493 and Hastings AF580 (see full listings below). The 38-2039R can help lower the cost of having to constantly buying a new air filter every time they get dirty, helping to lower overall operating expenses.

The 38-2039R heavy duty air filter has been engineered as a direct fit for the OEM external air filter housing. Between the included gasket, and the design of the air filter sealing surface, this K&N heavy duty air filter will not only fit and seal correctly, but it will also provide excellent air filtration and engine protection for the life of the air filter.
Side View of The 38-2039R Heavy Duty Air Filter
Side View of The 38-2039R Heavy Duty Air Filter

K&N's 38-2039R heavy duty air filter utilizes K&N's hybrid filter medium which incorporates the best characteristics of both cotton and synthetic non-woven technologies. Specifically, this heavy duty air filter does not require air filter oil and it uses a 3-D lofted filter surface to help reduce air filter restriction while possibly increasing service time between cleanings. Therefore, by using media that is less restriction, this means more power and better engine efficiency.

The K&N 38-2039R heavy duty air filter is washable and reusable, so that this air filter can be cleaned and reused when it gets dirty. Moreover, owners and operators will no longer need to constantly purchase a new set of air filters when they become dirty. When the air flow restriction gauge reaches twenty inches in restriction or once a year, it is time to clean your heavy duty K&N air filter. One major benefit is that this air filter can be cleaned using a low-pressure spray washer and low-pressure compressed air, which can help speed up the cleaning process. Check out the heavy duty air filter cleaning instructions and heavy duty air filter cleaning video for the exact steps to cleaning this air filter.

The K&N 38-2039R heavy duty air filter is designed to go the distance and it comes with a 3 year 300,000 mile warranty. Not only can this air filter help lower costs by being washable and reusable, it can also help by allowing the engine to run more efficiently all while pervading excellent engine filtration and air flow.

K&N 38-2039R cross references to the following:
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Baldwin PA2493
Carquest 87941
Donaldson EAF5016
Donaldson P181016
Donaldson P182016
Fleet Air FA2493
Fleetguard AF1616
Fleetguard AF1616M
Fram CA2539
Fram CA2588
Hastings AF580
Luber-Finer LAF8494
Luber-Finer LAF8494MXM
Napa 2941
Nelson 70076N
Purolator A83318
White 220054401
WIX 42941

For more information about K&N's heavy duty air filters or to find what heavy duty air filters K&N offers visit the K&N Heavy Duty Air Filter page on


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