2012 and 2013 Toyota Prius C Reaps Performance Boost with K&N Performance Air Filter Upgrade

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K&N Performance Air Filter for the Toyota Prius C
Back side of K&N Performance Air Filter for the Toyota Prius C
The Toyota Prius has been the hybrid gold standard for more than a decade; in fact it outsells all other hybrids combined by a two-to-one margin. With the introduction of the Prius C that margin is destined to widen even further. The Toyota Prius C is the entry-level model and the smallest member of Toyota's gas/electric hybrid "family," which also includes the flagship Toyota Prius hatchback and the larger Toyota Prius V wagon. The Toyota Prius C is a subcompact 4-door hatchback that's one of the least expensive hybrids on the market, and like all Toyota Prii (the official plural of Prius) the Toyota Prius C is made in Japan.
Toyota Prius C K&N Replacement Air Filter Top or Front Side
Toyota Prius C K&N Replacement Air Filter Top or Front Side

This year the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy named the Toyota Prius C compact hybrid the "greenest" car for 2013. With only 99 total system horsepower the Toyota Prius C isn't going to win any races in the traditional sense, but with a 9.5 gallon gas tank that can travel right around 500 miles, it will reach its intended destination with fewer gas stops for sure.

The front-wheel-drive Toyota Prius C offers just one drivetrain, a 73-horsepower 1.5-liter gasoline 4-cylinder engine that pairs with a 26-horsepower battery-powered electric motor, and like all Toyota hybrids, the PriusC can run on one or both of its engines. With the introduction of the K&N 33-2485 reusable air filter the Prius C not only becomes even "greener" it also adds perceptible pop to theToyota Prius' get-up-and-go.

By simply upgrading the OE air filter with a K&N 33-2485 air filter, you will not only improve the overall performance of the Prius C, but you will assure excellent air filtration and engine protection.

Engineered to increase both horsepower and torque, and designed to drop into your existing factory air box, the K&N 33-2485 reusable air filter will be the last air filter you'll need to purchase for your Prius - K&N's famed Million Mile Limited Warranty backs up that claim. Depending on your driving conditions, servicing intervals can go up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is necessary and cleaning the filter is as uncomplicated as following the four easy cleaning steps on a K&N Recharger Kit (part no. 99-5050).

The K&N 33-2485 reusable air filter fits the following vehicle:
2013 Toyota Prius C 1.5L
2012 Toyota Prius C 1.5L

To see all K&N air filters for Toyota Prius models check out the Toyota Prius Air Filter page on Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.

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