K&N 38-2000S Reusable Heavy Duty Diesel Filter Replaces Disposable Air Filters

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K&N Washable Heavy Duty Air Filter with Canister
K&N Washable Heavy Duty Air Filter with Canister
K&N's 38-2000S washable heavy duty air filter comes with a 90 degree canister housing that is removable for easy cleaning. This heavy duty diesel air filter is designed to have the same efficiency as the OEM replacement air filter. The 38-2000S cross references with Baldwin part PA4653, Napa part 2818, WIX part 42818 and others listed below. When it comes to efficiency, this K&N air filter is designed to do the job of protecting your diesel engine and your investment.

In addition to the protection, K&N heavy duty filters are also designed to help reduce restriction and allow more air into the engine helping to eliminate the parasitic draw wasting horsepower. By having a less restrictive air filter, the lower restriction translates to more available horsepower and useable torque for those uphill climbs or long flat hauls.
K&N Heavy Duty Canister Air Filter for Semi Trucks and RVs
K&N's Heavy Duty Canister Air Filter for Semi Trucks and RVs

K&N's HD air filter hybrid media does not require the use of air filter oil which makes cleaning a breeze. Providing additional performance, longer service intervals and the much needed engine protection is K&N's main goal when developing the 38-2000S canister air filter. This Heavy Duty air filter mounts horizontally with a supplied 90 degree canister. The canister has a metal side flange for the air inlet and a metal base flange for connecting it to the engine air intake. This filter can be used on multiple applications and setups so it is best to use the K&N heavy duty air filter cross reference to determine if this K&N air filter will fit your RV or diesel rig.
K&N Heavy Duty Air Filter Cleaner - 1 Gal
K&N Heavy Duty Air Filter Cleaner - 1 Gal

When it comes to servicing this heavy duty air filter, just watch for when the restriction gauge reaches 20 inches of restriction (in the red), or once a year, depending on driving conditions. Once this happens, it is time to clean the K&N heavy duty air filter. K&N's 38-2000S heavy duty air filter is very easy to clean using 99-6038 heavy duty air filter cleaner and following the simple cleaning instructions or by watching the heavy duty air filter cleaning video. Simply disconnect the hose connection from the canister and remove the air filter from the engine compartment for servicing.

Once the 38-2000S air filter and canister are removed, spin off the wing-nut holding the canister to the filter and remove the canister exposing the filter. With the air filter removed from the canister, spray on K&N's Heavy Duty air filter cleaner 99-6038 and let it soak in to break up road grime and dust in the air filter. Once the cleaner is all soaked in for a few minutes, but before it dries, use water to spray the air filter from the inside (clean side) outward to rinse out the old dirt and cleaner. The use of a low pressure pressure-washer can be helpful to get that little bit of extra-stubborn dirt out of the filter material. Remeber the outside is red, which means the dirty side is on the outside of the air filter. The clean side is white.

Once the filter is dry, the canister can be put back on and the air filter can now be reinstalled. To assist in the drying process, the use of a low pressure air supply can help save time. One aspect that makes this filter so easy to clean is that it does not use any kind of air filter oil, meaning less work to service and less downtime to clean the air filter. K&N's 38-2000S is the clear choice the next time you need to replace that old, restrictive, one-time use air filter from the list below.

The K&N 38-2000S Heavy Duty Air Filter replaces the following air filters:
Baldwin PA4653
Carquest 87818
Farr 400820014
Hastings PA4653
Napa 2818
Racor 400820014
WIX 42818

Find K&N products for other vehicles using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.

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