Pilot Class Buggy Racer Steve Wheels Bucaro is Ready for a Stellar 2013 Race Season

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Steve Bucaro is prepared to compete against drivers in classes sporting larger and faster buggies.
Steve Bucaro is prepared to compete against drivers in classes sporting larger and faster buggies.
Although only in his third year of racing, Steve "Wheels" Bucaro epitomizes the phrase "passion for the sport." According to the buggy racer, lining up and testing his skills against other drivers was always a dream. But in his case this ambition came to fruition a little later in life than the norm.

A tale of any person who finally reached their dreams, and embarked upon their first race at age 32 would likely interest most readers. But Bucaro's story is even more captivating. In fact, in many's eyes his hopes of entering the world of racing was derailed on April 15, 1998, when he suffered tremendous and life altering injuries in an automobile accident.

An elderly fella failed to stop at a red light at an intersection and turned in front of Bucaro's 1992 ZX7. The results were devastating. Bucaro sustained signifiant injury, including shattered T2 and T12 vertebrae in his back, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.
Steve Bucaro races in both the Lucas Oil Regional Series in Southern California, and the Dirt Entertainment Dirt Series.
Steve Bucaro races in both the Lucas Oil Regional Series in Southern California, and the Dirt Entertainment Dirt Series.

But Steve is obviously not one to lie down and quit. With time and determination he learned to perform his daily routine despite his disability to a point that he could continue to pursue his dream to race.

When asked if he was able to use the accident in a positive manner, Bucaro said, "Oh yeah...You wont find a more positive person in my situation anywhere.". Directing his statement toward others in similar situations, he continued, "Don't give up, and there's always a light at the end of the tunnel! I still ride my street-bike, race my pilot, drive like normal, mow my yards, etc. Nothing has nor will anything stop or slow me down. It'll all just make me go that much faster and push harder."

From the seat of a 1989 Honda Pilot, the driver has experienced his fair share of success. In fact, Bucaro earned the title of the 2011- 2012 Lucas Oil Regional Series Pilot Class Champion. With the taste of success and this title already under his belt, the driver has no intentions of letting up. As one might suspect, he has aspirations of reclaiming the championship in the weeks and months to come.

The driver will return to the Lucas Oil Regional Series in Southern California this season, but folks will also notice Steve "Wheels" Bucaro's name on the roster at Dirt Entertainment Dirt Series venues as well.

For the first season, the driver is the only one falling in the Pilot class in the Lucas Oil series, and will be lining up against the adult trophy karts and SR1 Rhinos. In fact, he has already experienced running with these classes and has performed well.

Earlier this year, Bucaro showed up at the Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, California eager to run in a class sporting vehicles bigger and faster than his Pilot class buggy. Although theoretically, Bucaro should not have proved a power in this race, he had no intentions of accepting defeat.

In turn his eagerness to race and unwillingness to back down found him in a heated battle and actually maneuvering around several drivers. At the race's end he crosses the finish line in eighth place out of a field of 18 drivers.

"When asked the key to being competitive regardless of class, Bucaro answered, "Being calm and not rushing the main. We have a lot of laps, plus always having to start in the back makes me push to pass bigger, faster cars that I shouldn't be able to. Throwing down with those guys; making them wonder "What the Heck!"

Referring to his aspirations for the future, the driver said, "I want to win championships in two different series in one year. Although Bucaro obviously has the confidence and mind set to make his dream come true, he is also perfectly aware that his team plays an essential role in his success.

"Without all of their help and support, none of my racing would be possible," he explained. "They're without a doubt what allows me to continue chasing my dream!"

He is also conscious of the importance of maintenance. "It is very important," he ensured. "You can't just thrash on your car every weekend without making sure before each race it will hold up."

With proper maintenance in mind, Steve "wheels" Bucaro depends upon K&N products to meet his filtering needs. I've been a die-hard K&N user since my first car, when I was 15-years old. I have a K&N filter kit and their oil filters on every vehicle I own. I use their universal air filter and a new inline fuel filter on my buggy, he continued. "They are hands down, without a doubt, the best products you can use. I will never use any other."

Referring to his burning desire to participate in the sport of racing, Steve "Wheels" Bucaro said, "You will not find anyone with a bigger will or passion for wanting to be a racer. I get in my car with a huge smile and have even a bigger one afterwards. The first Lucas race was a blast...there was a huge crowd rooting for me. The first Dirt Series race of the season was even better!"

When asked what fans can expect from Steve "wheels" Bucaro , his answer was short and to the point. "150% all of the time and showing people I can really drive."

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