Fourteen-Year-Old Modified Kart Racer Brooke Kawell Anticipates Success in 2013

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Brooke Kawell has aspirations of a championship podium in her future.
Brooke Kawell has aspirations of a championship podium in her future.
At age five, Brooke Kawell got her first taste of driving, when her dad introduced her to go-karting. The youngster was automatically "bitten by the bug." Most young girls would have simply putted around the course for their allotted time and gone about their merry ways. But Brooke was a little different story; she loved it.
At age fourteen, Brooke Kawaell has already een racing for nine years.
At age fourteen, Brooke Kawaell has already een racing for nine years.

In reality, her new-found passion should not have been a surprise. In fact, I suppose one could say a burning desire to race was a predisposed condition, as her grandfather raced sprint cars, her dad raced motocross and her uncle also competes in motocross.

"I loved it so much, I started racing," recalls Kawell. "I guess you could say it was in my blood. I am a third-generation racer." And in her blood it is. The driver has been participating in the sport now for nine years. And at age 14, she has no intentions of doing anything less than continuing her quest to earn a rightful spot on the championship podium.

Driving in the Modified Kart class, Kawell is looking forward to competing in three different series this season. She is scheduled to run in the Lucas Oil Off-Road series, the Stadium Super Truck and the Lucas Oil regional series.

With experience the young driver has done nothing but become a stronger competitor. In 2012 her efforts were rewarded when she was recognized as the first female to podium in the Modified Kart class. Although a great honor and a confidence booster, this was just a stepping stone leading Kawell one step closer to her aspirations. To this point she has not managed to earn a podium position at a national event. However, last season she was knocking on the door of her goal.
Last season, Brooke Kawell was recognized as the first female to ever podium in the Modified Kart class.
Last season, Brooke Kawell was recognized as the first female to ever podium in the Modified Kart class.

"My goals for the future... I would love to get a championship," she ensured, "I want to race a Pro-lite soon and work my way up to Pro-2; Then maybe do some Rally car racing."

Looking back she recalled, "Last year, my overall season went pretty good. Yeah, I was knocking on the doors. I had a third-place finish in the Arizona regional, and I finished in fourth and had a few fifths last season in the big LOORS series. I am still plugging away and knocking on those doors. I want that podium in the big series for sure."

Referring to 2013, she continued, "I have performed pretty good so far. I just got second out of a field of 12 in the first Lucas Oil regional race." Recalling a recent race at Firebird, she explained, "I had some not-so-good finishes. I qualified to start 14th in round-one, and started charging to the front. I was moving forward in the field when cars in sixth and seventh crashed and I was collected in on it. That put me a lap down, but I still felt strongly that I did well."

Referring to round two, Kawell explained, "I felt good and my kart was working well. I qualified 11th out of 20 and quickly worked my way into the sixth position. I was charging, but during the last lap coming into the white flag, the guy behind me just didn't think he wanted me there," she recalled with a chuckle. "He hit me a little hard, sending me flying though the air. That was the end of my day. But I feel I can do it this year."

Brooke Kawell ensured that future success will depend a great deal upon staying clean, consistent and mistake free; staying out of the back of the pack and charging hard to the front.

The driver is also quick to credit the team for her success. "My mechanic (Brooke's dad) works so hard on having my Kart race-ready, so I can race. My mom manages all of my things, from schedules, races, events, sponsorship, picking up parts and my education. My sister...She puts up with all of the traveling and time she has to be at the track. And then there are all of my sponsors who help support and believe in me. I couldn't do it without any of them."

Kawell will be quick to agree that proper maintenance is an essential piece to the puzzle of success. That in mind, she and her crew are strong advocates of keeping the internal components of their engines contaminant free.

In turn, they depend upon K&N products for their filtering needs. "I user their high-flow air filter and intake," she explained, "the Power-clean solvent and their air filter oil. K&N products are the best. My kart wouldn't run as good as it does without them. Their filters and intake system give me the extra horsepower I need to go fast.

Looking to the future, Brooke Kawell said, I feel that I get better every year, learning from the years prior. But this season is a little more improved. I feel stronger in who I am, and that I can do things as long as I believe in myself and continue to learn from past mistakes. The racing community can expect a dedicated racer, a champion and someone who will give back to their fans."

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