K&N Enthusiast Angel Gonzales Describes Custom Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo While Bloodworms Melted

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Peacock Eel (slimy water worm) led the way to K&N enthusiest Angel Gonzales
Peacock Eel (slimy water worm) led the way to K&N enthusiast Angel Gonzales
I worked all day at K&N, but as we all know, life doesn't stop when you get home from work. I never expected however, that a Peacock Eel , pampered Shih Tzu, handfuls of melted bloodworms, snapping turtles, some guy in an orange shirt, two handed gestures and K&N enthusiasm, would somehow become connected before the night was up.

It was late, and I was getting ready to sit down and relax before heading to bed, when I realized I used the last of the bloodworms feeding my Peacock Eel (and tank mates) last night. After serious contemplation as to whether or not the eel would survive a night without being fed, I decided that I needed to be a responsible pet owner and just feed the slimy water worm. I rounded up the kids, grabbed the jackets and headed off to Petco.

The moment I pulled into the parking lot, I realized I should have stayed home. I could have fed it some of that canned cat food I've had in the cupboard for over a year. Anything would have been better than driving around looking for a place to park. I slowly drove down the center lane in front of the entrance while some guy and his pampered Shih Tzu slowly walked to their car. About half way down, they walked right between the parked cars to their Cressida in the next lane over, and surrendered their spot to an Escalade that just got there. I wound up parking at the far end of the lot, where my kids pointed out a K&N decal proudly displayed on the Toyota pickup we parked next to.

The kids and I got out of the car and walked toward the front of the store. The moment our feet entered the building, I was left to fend for myself, while the kids pretend that daddy just might let them bring another animal in the house.
K&N enthusiest Angel Gonzales' 1991 300ZX twin turbo
K&N enthusiast Angel Gonzales' 1991 300ZX twin turbo

I grabbed a frozen brick of bloodworms and headed to the register. There were several people in line and two registers open. Most of the attention in line was focused on register two, where this guy in an orange T-shirt was sure that the 10lb bag of gourmet bird seed was on sale for two bucks. By the time I was next in line, I was holding a handful of water and melted bloodworm mush.

I looked around for the kids but didn't see them anywhere. I called for my son who was over by the snapping turtles, probably imagining what would happen if, "by accident," a feeder fish was dropped into the tank. I asked him to come here while waving my arm around to indicate a sense of urgency. He casually strolled a few feet closer and yelled, "What?" This wasn't something I wanted to announce to the whole store, so I gestured with both hands, come here. "Take these worms back to the freezer and get me some frozen ones quickly, because I'm up next." Fortunately the guy in front of me was buying an item from the bargain bin and it was missing a price tag, and the bird guy was still arguing that he couldn't be wrong about the price. Then, as if time had sped up, one of the checkers looked over at the line and said, "next." I looked down the aisle and could see my son on his way. He wasn't in much of a hurry, but as soon as he saw the look on my face, he decided it was a good idea to walk faster. I inched toward the register, figuring that as long as I was moving forward, the people behind me would stay calm. I arrived at the check stand without a single product in my hand. I was just about to explain the situation, when my son tossed the frozen worms onto the conveyor belt. I was so ready to go home.

This is when Petco checker, Angel Gonzales asked, "So you work at K&N?" I was a little confused at first, but soon realized I still had my K&N ID badge hanging from my neck. Before I had a chance to respond, Gonzales continued, displaying an uncanny familiarity and appreciation for K&N products. "A friend of mine initially sparked my interest in K&N," said Gonzales. "He had a 1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z. Essentially he was looking for a cost effective way to get more horsepower out of his vehicle, so he decided to purchase a K&N high flow air filter. We immediately noticed the difference in throttle response and acceleration and the general overall quality of aspiration in the vehicle. I was instantly a fan of the relatively cheap cost, high quality, and longevity of all K&N products. I always recommend them over any other product."
A closer look at the Peacock Eel and African Brown Knife.

Gonzales drives a 1991 Nissan 300ZX twin turbo with a K&N performance air intake and K&N oil filter. A tremendous amount of time, money and effort has been invested by Gonzales to build this car in the direction of his vision. The 300 features new JWT's Sport 700 "Disco Potato" ball bearing turbos with three-inch downpipes, CP Pistons, Eagle Rods, Arp Head Studs, Nismo 850cc injectors, and a bunch more.

We ended up talking for about a half hour. I was very impressed with his genuine, real-world enthusiasm for K&N products. This was an average guy who heard about K&N and decided to try it. Through his own experience with the products, has become a K&N performance enthusiast.

The kids and I walked to the other side of the parking lot where our car was parked. The kids pointed out that the K&N decaled truck was still parked next to us. While the kids hopped into the back seat, I opened the passenger door to put the bloodworms on the floor. I just shook my head, as if I didn't believe it could be, when I discovered the bloodworms had melted once again. "Well," I thought to myself. "That's just how it's going to be."

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