Arctic Cat ATV Replacement Air Filter Designed to Improve Power and Performance

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Arctic Cat ATV Performance Air Filter in Box
Arctic Cat ATV Performance Air Filter in Box
The Arctic Cat TRV1000 Limited replaces the previous Cruiser model name. With features like Electronic Power Steering (EPS), heated driver and passenger handgrips, locking travel case, windshield fairing with integrated mirrors, newly designed aluminum wheels and a winch, it has become the latest gold standard.
K&N Replacement Air Filter for several Arctic Cat ATV
K&N Replacement Air Filter for several Arctic Cat ATV

The TRV1000's Variable Assist allows steering assistance to the ATV before it even begins to move at idle. The EPS system will reduce the amount of overall rider effort required to steer the ATV when changing direction over obstacles like rocks, deep mud or logs. It does this by feeding steering input force versus tire resistance and vehicle speed information through its electronics, which then provides suitable assist to the steering column through an electric motor.

The 951cc, fuel-injected, V-twin puts out ample horsepower throughout the power-band. Yet by simply upgrading to a K&N AC-1009 reusable air filter, Arctic Cat ATV models listed below can experience the performance air filter designed to increase horsepower and torque, while at the same time receiving outstanding filtration and engine protection.
Flow Chart for K&N AC-1009 Arctic Cat ATV Air Filter
Flow Chart for K&N AC-1009 Arctic Cat ATV Air Filter

K&N's Arctic Cat air filter AC-1009 is very easy to install because it simply drops into the OE airbox with the pull tab facing the back of the ATV. K&N performance air filter AC-1009 is made to capture a large amount of dirt and still allow high air flow for long service life. Cleaning your K&N ATV air filter is not a difficult task with K&N's Recharger Filter Care Service Kit. The K&N air filter cleaner and filter oil, included in the kit, will service the AC-1009 so it performs like new again and again.

K&N AC-1009 will fit the following Arctic Cat ATV models:

2013 Arctic Cat TRV1000 Limited
2013 Arctic Cat 1000 XT
2013 Arctic Cat 1000 MudPro
2012 Arctic Cat TRV1000
2012 Arctic Cat 1000 GT
2012 Arctic Cat 1000 I MudPro
2011 Arctic Cat TRV1000 EFI Cruiser
2011 Arctic Cat 1000S
2011 Arctic Cat 1000 MudPro
2010 Arctic Cat TRV1000 H2 EFI
2010 Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000 H2
2010 Arctic Cat 1000 MudPro
2009 Arctic Cat TRV1000 H2 EFI Cruiser
2009 Arctic Cat Thundercat
2008 Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000

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