K&N's 2008-2013 Honda Accord 2.0L Performance Air Filter is Designed to Add Power and Acceleration

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K&N air filter part number 33-3003 for Honda Accord IX models
K&N air filter part number 33-3003 for Honda Accord IX models
Since its introduction in 1976 the Honda Accord has been one of the most prolific award winners on the road. In part due to the consistent accolades, the Accord is also one of the most successful cars produced by any car maker in the world. It's every bit as popular on the streets of southern California as it is on the roads of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where the car is assembled locally.
Washable reusable air filter part number 33-3003
Washable reusable air filter part number 33-3003

The 2.0 liter Honda Accord is available in Malaysia and a few select Asian nations. It has become a focus of attention for many international Accord forums. Since the 2.0 liter is street tuned for lower torque, most feel it outperforms the more prevalent 2.4 liter version. K&N's high performance air filter 33-3003 drops directly into the factory air box and it was designed to increase horsepower and torque in 2.0 liter models by merely using it instead of the OEM filter.

The 33-3003 air filter is washable, reusable and easy to clean. Servicing is simple with a K&N Recharger Kit. Depending on your driving environment, this air filter can go up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is necessary. With K&N's world renowned Million Mile Limited Warranty, this will be the last air filter you'll ever purchase for your 2.0 liter Honda Accord.

K&N air filter 33-3003 fits the following Honda Accord models:

Restriction data for part number 33-3003
Restriction data for part number 33-3003
2013 Honda Accord IX 2.0L
2012 Honda Accord IX 2.0L
2012 Honda Accord 2.0L
2011 Honda Accord IX 2.0L
2011 Honda Accord 2.0L
2010 Honda Accord IX 2.0L
2010 Honda Accord 2.0L
2009 Honda Accord IX 2.0L
2009 Honda Accord 2.0L
2008 Honda Accord IX 2.0L

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