Sprint Car Racer Dominic Scelzi Dominates Rebel Wing Main at Kings Speedway in Hanford, California

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Dominic’s convincing win at Kings Speedway in Hanford earned him respect from the some of the best racers in the sport
Dominic’s convincing win at Kings Speedway in Hanford earned him respect from the some of the best racers in the sport
Here’s a concept you can bank on – a reality show following the full spectrum arc of two brothers fueled by super-charged racing DNA. Dominic is fifteen and Giovanni is ten, and over the past several years the Scelzi brothers have continued to evolve into respected giant killers on the track right in front of our eyes. They either win or finish up front most times, and when they don’t, you can bet they learned something and will come back even wiser and stronger the next time out. The maturity curve is highly accelerated when you grow up on the track, and these two siblings make it look easy.

Back in September at Kings Speedway in Hanford, California Dominic lined up with 17 of the biggest hitters in the game, racers on the level of Tommy Tarlton, Tim Kaeding, and Jason Stattler. After some thoroughly engaging and highly continuous racing, Dominic got the sign that Tim Kaeding was charging up behind him looking for a mistake and an opening to pass. With a final flare of drama on the white flag lap, Dominic drove into turn one a bit too hot and he slid up the race track, allowing Kaeding to gain four car lengths on him. Yet, when the checkered flew Dominic was the winner by nearly three car lengths. It was his second win of the season.

“After the race all of these great drivers came over to congratulate Dominic on a great race, which is probably even more outstanding than the win,” remarked Dominic’s dad, NHRA Top Fuel drag race legend Gary Scelzi. We spoke with Gary to get his overview of 2012 and the continuing success of his sons.
Giovanni continued to finish in the top 5 all season long
Giovanni continued to finish in the top 5 all season long

Put into perspective how significant Dominic’s win at Hanford was going up against all those heavy hitters?
“This was huge! Dominic was very excited and relieved to prove to himself that he could run with the heavy hitters. For me, every time Dominic gets in this car it’s big. I am so proud of his hard work and focus in learning how he can become a better driver each time he gets in the seat.”

You mention that Kaeding Performance, and especially Matt Britt and Tres VanKeuren are taking Dominic to another level, what aspects of racing have they been helpful with?
“Yes, Dominic has improved rapidly with the help from everyone at Kaeding Performance. Dominic feels very fortunate having the opportunity to learn from a legendary driver like Brent Kaeding. The experience is priceless. There is so much knowledge within the Kaeding Performance umbrella that every person there has helped and continues to help Dominic become a better driver/racer and person. Dominic’s experience comes from the Super 600 Mirco Sprints, and even though the 360 Sprint Car looks just like a larger version of the Micro, they are very different.”

Working with Kaeding Performance this year has elevated Dominic’s track performance to next level
Working with Kaeding Performance this year has elevated Dominic’s track performance to next level
How is Giovanni since his mishap at Watsonville is he feeling back up to speed?
“Yes, Giovanni is back in the seat, he is more than ready to race at every opportunity he gets. He continues to run in the top 5 everywhere we go.”

How did things go for you at the Super 600 Nationals at Plaza Park Raceway?
Well the boys raced in the same class for this race. They both had qualifying struggles. The Friday main event started with Dominic on the Pole and Giovanni 3rd, and all the heavy hitters where there. Dominic won and Giovanni finished 5th.”

“In the Saturday night main event Giovanni started 16 and finished 8th, and Dominic started 22nd and finished 5th. Both boys did great jobs. We finished the weekend safe and sound and with no car damage.”

From your view, how did 2012 treat you guys overall?
“2012 has been a great year for Dominic and Giovanni. Dominic’s first year in 360 Sprint Cars gave him two wins, and a great showing at the Trophy Cup in Tulare, and several top finishes, along with a great deal of knowledge and he is only 15. Giovanni’s first year in the Stock 600 Micro Sprints gave him two wins at 10 years old. It has been amazing watching these two. We are all really looking forward to the 2013 Season!”

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