Cam Reimers Comeback in 2012 Should Translate to a Successful 2013 Season

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AMA ATV rider Cam Reimers has the ability to over come adversity
AMA ATV rider Cam Reimers has the ability to over come adversity
Cam Reimers is not a quitter. He is a fighter. He perseveres when faced with adversity.

Cam Reimers is a winner.

After breaking both of the bones in his lower right leg at the AMA ATV Motocross Nationals opening round at Aonia Pass in Washington, Ga., Reimers made a remarkable comeback just five months later and found himself on top of the podium, sweeping the Fun Valley Moto X Series’ third and fourth rounds in Montezuma, Iowa.

“I had only been training for a couple weeks at home before the Montezuma race,” Reimers said. “We actually weren’t even planning on racing the event, but we had a lot of rain in (Iowa) that weekend and (Montezuma) was one of the only tracks in the Midwest that was going to be good. I was starting to feel stronger every time I got on the bike so a few days before the event we decided that we would go race and see where we stood.”

Where Reimers stood was on top of the podium. Twice.

The race completed brought full circle the events that could have ended, if not seriously set back, Reimers’ career.

The day started out strong for Reimers, who had the holeshot and won the first Moto. When Moto 2 lined up, Reimers had a poor gate pick. After a nice start, Reimers found himself in 3rd place heading into a fast section of the track.

After a major set back in the beginning of the 2012 AMA ATV race season, Cam Reimers, once again began his steady climb toward the podium
After a major set back in the beginning of the 2012 AMA ATV race season, Cam Reimers, once again began his steady climb toward the podium
“After I took third, there was a high speed section in the back with some pretty good sized jumps. Some riders got together through that section and it started a chain reaction. I got clipped in the air and had to ditch the bike. I ended up landing down in the flat on the hard Georgia clay.

“I felt something pop when I landed and as soon as I tried to stand up, I knew I had some issues.”

When the paramedics removed Reimers’ boot, the gruesome injury was revealed. Reimers had suffered compound fractures to both his Tibia and Fibula. With the bones sticking through the skin, Reimers slipped into a daze.

“The pain pretty much went away. I saw everything I worked for disappear; it was actually pretty heartbreaking. There was nobody to blame for it, just a racing deal. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Reimers father, who doubles as his mechanic, was at his side, along with Can-Am race manager Jimmie O’Dell. At the hospital, Reimers was rushed into surgery. The next day he returned home to Iowa, where more surgery was required. Doctors inserted metal plates into his leg to strengthen the bones. After a few days, doctors were optimistic.

“The first week in the hospital back home, I was pretty bummed out. But as soon as I got released, I was ready to start recovery and try to salvage my season. It was a long five months, but that is actually a very quick recovery for this injury. I had a successful few months of physical therapy and was released to ride again in July.”

After his triumphant return at Montezuma, Reimers was feeling good on his Can-Am. Things were coming together and Reimers was focused on finishing the season strong and carrying that momentum into 2013.

Things don’t always go as planned.

Reimers suffered some vision issues after hitting his head in another accident.

“I was feeling good. My speed was coming back and my stamina was getting better. My leg was starting to feel a lot stronger too. I was really starting to have some fun again.”

Cam Reimers will be back and ready for action in 2013 on his Can-Am ATV
Cam Reimers will be back and ready for action in 2013 on his Can-Am ATV
The head injury effectively ended Reimers season. He has since been cleared to ride again, but is currently waiting for his 2013 plans to come together. Reimers says he has some exciting things in the works and is looking forward to finalizing everything and getting back to racing in 2013.

“This season was very disappointing, to say the least. I set very high goals at the beginning of the season and was unable to achieve any of them. But whatever 2013 brings, you can bet we will be there in full force.”

Cam Reimers will be back.

Cam Reimers is a winner.

Reimers added this about K&N, his other sponsors, his friends and family:

“K&N has always provided our race team with good products. There is not a better air filter on the market that makes the power that the K&N Filter does. I can’t thank them enough for the support over the years.”

“After this season, I am very thankful for all of the good people I am surrounded by; I cannot thank my family and friends enough. Along with K&N, there are several other companies that make it all possible: Can-Am, Hicklin Powersports, Motoworks, DWT, SSi Decals, Fly Racing, Jett Boots,, CTO Goggles, Freshletes Clothing, Wiseco, Rath Racing, TiLube, Precision, Fox Racing Shox, BCS Performance, and CR21 Motorsports. See y’all in 2013!”

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