Celebrating Paul Brown and a Life Well Lived

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Sometimes mourning the passing of life just doesn't feel right. Life should be celebrated, and some lives simply burn a little more intensely than others, as though their sole purpose was to exemplify the beacon of light reminding us of that reality. That Paul Brown had an extraordinary talent for driving is evidenced by his remarkable catalog of motorsport accomplishments, yet what we really honor is his intrinsic gift for living.
Champion Racer Paul Brown
Champion Racer Paul Brown

Racing concentrates life into instantaneous, incontestable ingredients, while discarding distractions, much like adding heat to a sauce produces a reduction with magnified flavors. Every time Paul got behind a steering wheel, and he blissfully teased the outer limits of horsepower, rubber and asphalt, he intensified the taste of existence for everyone that followed his journey. That was the world he lived in and generously shared.

"The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Paul is what a great ambassador for motorsports he was," remembers K&N's Sports Marketing Manager, Tony Yorkman. "He was someone that continued to ride that line between keeping racing fun and competitive, yet he also understood it as a business. He reminded me quite a few times how lucky he was to be able to do something he loved."

"My first interaction to Paul was almost five years ago, right before K&N became the primary sponsor for his Porsche 997 GT car that he competed with in the Speed World Challenge, and immediately I knew he was someone K&N should align with. Being new to motorsports myself, he set the bar for all others in my eyes, based on his total professionalism and dedication to the sport in which very few have been able to achieve anywhere near what he has. At last year's Optima's Ultimate Street Car Invitational, Paul piloted the K&N G35 as a chase car for the TV program. He was in that car for 12 hours straight until the car finally gave up. I remember he got out with a smile, and said he was glad it gave up before he did! He will definitely be missed, and I am convinced the racing community will not be the same without him, even though he has taught so many, so much."

"I met Paul at a SCCA World Challenge GT Race in San Diego back in 2000. Since then we grew to become great friends," calls to mind K&N R&D Manager, Dave Martis. "Paul was a guy you could depend on for help no matter what. He was honest and friendly with everyone. He had a cheerful attitude and a great sense of humor. He made friends with people all around the world."

Paul had a skill driving a race car that provided him with many opportunities throughout his professional career. His driving ability, charisma and his loyalty to the K&N brand was the reason he was sponsored by K&N and chosen to drive the G35 road race car in 2010 and 2011. We are deeply saddened by the loss of not just a friend, but also a great man."

Indeed, honor the good and the bad of what there is. Grieve, rage, and celebrate, and embrace it all together as it coexists. "The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain."

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