Victory for Terry McCarl in 410 Sprint Class at Knoxville Raceway & Huset's Speedway

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Teri McCArl and his team are looking forward to continuing a successful run in 2012.
Teri McCArl and his team are looking forward to continuing a successful run in 2012.
Although confidence was on the driver's side, his luck went south quickly. Starting toward the back in the feature, McCarl still had ample opportunity to end the race in the top ten, that is, prior to a double-file restart with twenty five laps to go. Previously destroying a car in a double-file restart, McCarl was not excited about being in such a situation. As luck would have it, the driver found himself in the same predicament again when; everyone got caught up in a tangle in front of him. On a positive note, McCarl felt a sense of relief upon learning that the car that ran into him from behind wasn't his son, Austin. Referring to the status of his car following the crash, Teri McCarl said, "Literally everything was junk."
Teri McCArl recently earned his fifty-second win at Knoxvlle Raceway
Teri McCArl recently earned his fifty-second win at Knoxvlle Raceway

McCarl's car was trashed and he didn't have a spare. He was in a pickle until his good friend, Lynton Jeffrey, offered to lend him one of his, allowing an opportunity to run the Twin-Features night at Knoxville and Huset's. Graciously accepting the offer, Teri McCarl was back in business again.

During the Twin-Features night at Knoxville, the driver was second quick in his new ride. Although unsure of exactly what to do with the set-up, and driving a car that handled differently from what he was accustomed to, McCarl still managed to earn two solid finishes and in turn stay on pace for the points lead with fellow driver, Davey Heskin.

Rolling into Huset's confident with the success he had recently experienced at Knoxville, the driver was anxious for the waving of the green flag to get the show underway. After qualifying seventh, McCarl swept the remainder of the night. Winning his heat race, McCarl earned a spot on the pole. Upon the waving of the green flag in the feature, he immediately took the lead and had no intentions of doing anything short of taking the win. In fact the driver led the race from flag to flag, putting him at the top of the podium.

Teri McCarl's ability to face diversity head on and then experience immediate success is a testimony to his experience and skills. On the other hand, experience has also taught him that maintenance plays a huge role in his overall record throughout each and every season. That in mind, McCarl and his team depend upon K&N products to keep the internal components of their engines contaminant free. Referring to K&N filters' performance, and how they differ from other filter brands, the driver said, "K&N products are the best, because of the quality of material and technology used in making their products."

Teri McCarl and his crew are looking forward to the remainder of the season. Referring to his game plan, he said, "The key to success during the remainder of 2012 will be hard work, keeping the engines strong, and luck."

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