2011 Knoxville Raceway Champion Carson McCarl's American Sprint Car Series 360 Race at I-80 Speedway

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Carson McCarl has move up to the 360 class this season, and is enjoying the stiffer competition and faster speeds.
Carson McCarl has move up to the 360 class this season, and is enjoying the stiffer competition and faster speeds.
Last season, Carson McCarl earned the honor of being the youngest champion in Knoxville Raceway history in the 305 class. With that title under his belt, the young driver recently embarked upon a new venture in his racing career. Recently arriving at the I-80 Speedway, near Greenwood, Nebraska, Mcarl was geared up and ready to begin the 2012 season manning a 360 sprint car. Carson is thrilled to be competing in the 360 sprint class, and working with Gary Dean, owner of the #97 360 sprint car, he is confident that things will simply run a little smoother.
Carson McCarl had the honors of being the youngest driver to ever win a championship at Knoxville Raceway in 2011.
Carson McCarl had the honors of being the youngest driver to ever win a championship at Knoxville Raceway in 2011.

Arriving at the big-banked, 4/10 mile oval at I-80 Speedway, McCarl's confidence level was high, and he had no intentions of being timid. The driver had actually experienced a little action in the 360 class in January while racing at the "Tulsa Shootout". Although plagued with troubles early, the driver worked out all of the bugs and got everything going in his direction prior to the event's end. In fact, from the back of the B-Main, the driver missed out on the transfer to the A-Main by mere inches.

The young gun knew that a checkered flag was a long-shot, but fans could rest assured that there would be no "lollygagging " going on. He was at I-80 Speedway to race in the ASCS-Midwest series and he would give it his all.

Finishing second in his heat on the opening night, Carson McCarl crossed the finish line at I-80 Speedway seventeenth in the field. With the first race behind him, he returned the following night with anticipation of experiencing another bout of fierce racing. Finishing his heat in fifth position, the driver then crossed the finish line during the main in sixteenth place, one spot higher than he had earned the night before.

During the season opener, I was decent, shared the driver. "There were a lot of good cars there, and I was able to put in the show. I was also able to put a sweet slide job on Brian Brown in my heat race, so that was pretty cool."

Referring to his thoughts on racing in the 360 sprint class, McCarl said, "It's awesome! The competition is much tougher, and I love the higher speed." When asked if the experience he acquired in January will prove advantageous in 2012, he continued, "It was good to get a feel for it before going to Knoxville."

Compared to his fellow competitors, Carson McCarl is very young in the sport. Realizing the important role experience plays in one's overall success, McCarl plans to give it all he's got and improve his proficiency with every race. McCarl, being a second generation driver, has been around the racing scene his entire life, and the added experience is sure to prove beneficial. "I just try to absorb what they say, since they have more experience than me," explained Carson. "It will be very important to experience success early this season. It's important to use the momentum and have success all season."

Carson McCarl also understands the importance of his team if he plans to experience a successful 2012. "I have a great team, and they give a great car," he explained. "To be successful, we are going to have to have a good car, race hard and race smart."

As one might suspect, as a member of a racing family, McCarl learned early on how important maintenance can be. He and his crew are strong advocates of using K&N products for their filtering needs. "Maintenance is extremely important. You have to do maintenance after every race. I have been using K&N air and oil filters since I first started racing," recalled the driver. "K&N products are the best there is."

Anticipating an action packed season this year, Carson McCarl has high expectations for himself. When asked what his fans can expect, the driver's answer was short and to the point, "Exciting racing, and hopefully some wins!"

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