1960 Corvette Revealed at K&N SEMA Booth

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K&N Engineering plans to unveil a true roadster at SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association 2006.

A 1960 Corvette will be a focal point, with custom roll hoops, a painted dash, BMW headlights, custom inner fender wells and an Art Morrison Enterprises Inc., “GT Sport” bolt-on chassis.

1960 Corvette for K&N SEMA booth, photo by Art Morrison Ent.
1960 Corvette  for K&N SEMA booth,  photo by Art Morrision Ent.
“Every year dozens of people approach us with vehicles they want to showcase in the K&N SEMA booth,” said K&N Project Vehicle Manager Richard Blum. “We only have two in our booth annually. In 2006, it will be the Vet and a heavily modified 2006 Lexus IS 250MT.”

The Corvette project is underway. Designers are adding custom trim to replicate stock trim and reworking the bumpers for a closer fit. There is also an extensive use of carbon fiber on the interior and engine compartments.

“The original chassis had a late 1940 Chevrolet suspension and was a handful to drive,” said Craig Morrison, Marketing Manager of Art Morrison Enterprises. “With the new chassis the 1960 Vet will perform similar to or better than a new modern day sports car. Our goal is to prove it handles as well as a new Ferrari, Porsche and Corvette.”

When the car is unveiled, SEMA attendees will be able to see a Rockland-Standard prepped Tremec T-56 transmission and a Wilson Manifold throttle body and fuel rails.

1960 Corvette with raw fiberglass for K&N SEMA booth, photo by Art Morrison Ent.
1960 Corvette with raw fiberglass for K&N SEMA booth,  photo by Art Morrison Ent.
“We purchased the Corvette from a local guy in Tacoma, Washington about 4 years ago,” said Morrison. “We went back to the original 1953-1962 roadster design with classic American body styles that drive as good as they look.”

The before pictures are available now, but the after pictures will be available on after the finished Corvette is revealed in the K&N booth at SEMA.

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