2009 - 2012 Urban Cruiser, iQ, Yaris, Verso S and Trezia 1.4L Get Performance Air Filter

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Replacement Air Filter for select 2009-2012 Toyota and Subaru 1.4L diesels
Replacement Air Filter for select 2009-2012 Toyota and Subaru 1.4L diesels
Some may wonder how vehicle manufacturers come up with the model names for the vehicles they produce. It is an entertaining thought. Do they write names on flash card, throw them in a hat, and hope for the best? Or do they spend hours searching for the perfect name with detailed market research?

Perhaps, Toyota could have selected a better name for the Urban Cruiser but, you have to admit it is practical. This little pocket rocket can weave through European cities with ease and comfort. The title may not be genius but, the concept of the car is quite spectacular. The miles per gallon achieved with the Urban Cruiser can be attributed to the light weight, compact design and fuel efficient engine. This is a perfect mode of transportation for any individual and three other friends.
Restriction Chart for the 33-2988 Air Filter
Restriction Chart for the 33-2988 Air Filter

K&N has designed a replacement air filter to help improve the performance of this tiny transporter and several other Toyota and Subaru models with 1.4 liter diesel engines. K&N part number 33-2988 helps these engines breathe better through a high flow design. Better air flow can result in more power and torque.

Another feature that will keep your engine happy is the excellent filtration 33-2988 will provide. The four layers of oil impregnated media flows more air than typical paper air filters and the oil coated cotton fibers trap dirt to protect your engine. K&N has been making air filters for generations so you can expect nothing but great results.

Part number 33-2988 is washable and reusable as well so, no more throwing away one time use air filters. All it requires is a simple cleaning, drying then re-oiling. This filter can go for up to 50,000 miles, depending on driving conditions before cleaning is necessary. K&N's 33-2988 should last you a million miles. Don't believe it? That is why K&N backs this product with a Million Mile Limited Warranty.

Performance air filter 33-2988 offers a lifetime of performance for the 1.4 liter Toyota Urban Cruiser in addition to the following Toyota and Subaru diesel models:

2012 Toyota Yaris 1.4L Diesel
2012 Toyota Verso S 1.4L Diesel
2012 Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.4L Diesel
2012 Toyota iQ 1.4L Diesel
2012 Subaru Trezia 1.4L Diesel
2011 Toyota Yaris 1.4L Diesel
2011 Toyota Verso S 1.4L Diesel
2011 Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.4L Diesel
2011 Toyota iQ 1.4L Diesel
2011 Subaru Trezia 1.4L Diesel
2010 Toyota Yaris 1.4L Diesel
2010 Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.4L Diesel
2010 Toyota iQ 1.4L Diesel
2009 Toyota Yaris 1.4L Diesel
2009 Toyota iQ 1.4L Diesel

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