Monster Energy Leading Edge Kawasaki Sweeps 4 Motos in First Rounds of CMRC

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Matt Goerke dominated the Kamloops National with a 1-1 day.
Matt Goerke dominated the Kamloops National with a 1-1 day.
"Second place is first place loser" is a quote credited to celebrated driver Dale Earnhardt. It also appears to be a definitive team philosophy shared by the Monster Energy Leading Edge Kawasaki team from Kamloops, British Columbia. For the second straight weekend of the 2012 Monster Energy Canadian Motocross Championships (CMRC), the K&N sponsored team dominated the top-tier of the podium in both MX1 and MX2, winning all four motos in both classes.

Following up on their dazzling opening round supremacy in Nanaimo, both MX2 rider Teddy Maier and MX1 points leader, Matt Goerke, made it clear once more in round 2 that they were the team to beat. After a wet and mucky first round race, Maier and Goerke confirmed that they are indeed the riders to fear regardless of track or weather conditions, finishing with a thoroughly convincing 1-1 moto sweeps for both riders.
Teddy Maier had his own 1-1 day in the MX2 class at round 2 of the 2012 Monster Energy Canadian Motocross Championships.
Teddy Maier had his own 1-1 day in the MX2 class at round 2 of the 2012 Monster Energy Canadian Motocross Championships.

The track at Whispering Pines Raceway in Kamloops is the Leading Edge Kawasaki team's house, and for the second straight weekend, Kyle Beaton established order by grabbing the hole-shot and the early lead. Maier eventually worked his way around Beaton to get the win. Beaton held on to join his teammate on the podium with a solid third place finish. Combined with his 5th in moto two, Beaton finished fourth overall, and he now sits third in the title chase.

"It feels so good to be back racing in Canada. I feel great, and am ready to chase for this title in every moto," commented Beaton, who was all smiles after the race. "It's no secret that I've struggled with injuries at Kamloops the past few seasons so even though I want to be winning, I'm happy to get through this race healthy and I'm excited to get on to Calgary and check out the new layout!"

With Beaton finishing strong in both motos, it was Maier who ultimately put his stamp on the championship chase with two persuasive moto wins. Working his way through the pack in both motos, when Maier relentlessly grabbed the lead, he never looked back, finishing with a decisive lead in both motos and stretching his lead in the championship standings to 11 points.
At Kamloops Goerke topped the podium for a second straight weekend.
At Kamloops Goerke topped the podium for a second straight weekend.

Like Maier in the MX2 class, Matt Goerke representing MX1 came into the weekend wearing the red number plate, signifying the points lead. And, with two more impressive moto wins at Kamloops, Goerke left little doubt about his intentions regarding the 2012 Monster Energy Canadian Motocross Championships. After grabbing the hole-shot in moto one, Goerke briefly found himself on the ground in the second corner, and he had to work his way through the pack from last place. To the roaring delight of the fans, the Florida native put on a riding clinic, as he sliced and diced through the entire field to regain his rightful position in front.

The second moto was identical to the first, except for the part where he had to work from the back, to the front of the pack. This time after grabbing the lead Goerke never checked his rearview mirror, as he continued to stretch the lead to the checkered flag. With a perfect four-for-four in moto wins so far this season, Goerke isn't only resetting bar, he is the bar.

In only his second pro race ever, Goerke's MX1 teammate, Tyler Villopoto, put together a thoroughly impressive ride as well. After getting caught up in the same crash that took down Goerke in the first moto, Villopoto also put together a striking charge of his own, working through the pack to grab 6th. Combined with his 5th place in moto 2, Villopoto earned a well deserved 4th overall, clearly signaling he wants a spot on the podium too.

Next up, Leading Edge Kawasaki moves on to Calgary, Alberta, for round 3 of the CMRC series at Wild Rose MX.

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