The Maxxis British Drift Championship at Norfolk Continues to Raise the Bar

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The up close and friendly on track meet-and-greet was once again a big hit at Norfolk Arena.
The up close and friendly on track meet-and-greet was once again a big hit at Norfolk Arena.
The rumblings started with Round 1 of the Maxxis British Drift Championship at Teesside. At the Castle Combe Circuit in Wiltshire, England, for the 10th birthday celebration of Japfest it amplified, with over 15,000 passionate fans dialing up the excitement meter. At Norfolk Arena, for Round 2 of the BDC, expectations were therefore justifiably high. The internet was abuzz with talk about the United Kingdom's premier drifting championship and recent television screenings had opened it up to a new demographic looking to see what all the hoopla is about. With the sound of engines echoing on, and blue smoke still lingering in the air, expectations were once more redefined and the bar has yet again been reset.

Thrilled fans were treated to an even higher level of truly world-class drifting, filled with gasps and amazements that kept them on the edge of their seats, and fidgeting to take in all the door-to-door drama. The huge attendance within the spectator stands further electrified the atmosphere throughout the arena as supporters sounded air horns, cheered, and waved flags to spur on their favorite teams and drivers. Autosports are pure adrenalin fueled entertainment, and the BDC continues to deliver all the action fans deserve for their entertainment-dollar, and then some.
Wheel-to-door action was once again the rule rather than the exception.
Wheel-to-door action was once again the rule rather than the exception.

As with all athletes, sometimes everything zones in just right and you're square in the pocket, other times not so much. Such was the case during Friday's qualification session, which had its share of surprises with some drivers performing to new heights, while some of the more seasoned and consistent drivers struggled with lower point scores than normal. Which is yet another reason why the Maxxis British Drift Championship action is so compelling, the competition is always fierce, anyone can win, and anything can happen.

On Saturday before the battles got underway, the raring to go audience was invited down from the spectator stands to meet-and-greet the teams. This is one of the unique characteristics of the championship, the closeness the spectators can experience with the teams and cars. It's always the highlight for the weekend and a great chance to showcase any sponsored cars or parts to the audience.
As it should be, the championship celebration was a blur of champagne and drivers.
As it should be, the championship celebration was a blur of champagne and drivers.

After the incredibly enthusiastic meet-and-greet session on the track, the remaining 16 drivers in each class had to refocus on their all important battles. Who would be going home early and who would be stepping onto the hallowed podium? The run to the final within each group had plenty of jaw dropping moments, with the judges having to flash the OMT (One More Time) card several times to separate some of the dueling twins.

"We had cars making wheel-to-door contact in some clashes, yet the drivers just kept the throttle pinned down in their steely determined quests to be number 1," reported K&N's UK Sales and Marketing executive, Samantha Wallace. "It was a thriller!"

One particular highlight was the Super Pro final battle between Steve Moore of SATS Motorsport and Team Japspeed's Paul "Smokey" Smith. The two combatants were so evenly matched in skill and determination, the judges had to call OMT twice, and then force it into "Sudden Death" before a decision could be made. It was a truly epic battle and a real crowd pleaser. Once again the media was in full attendance and television cameras rolled, capturing all the action and post event interviews, which will be aired in an upcoming special for Motors TV.

The preparations for Round 3 are already underway, the drivers are locked and loaded, and the legion of spectators hungry for more continues to grow.

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