Andy Forsberg has Successful Weekend with Podium Finish at Silver Dollar Raceway

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Andy Forsberg experienced success early in the 2012, and is looking forward to what might transpire during the remainder of the season.
Andy Forsberg experienced success early in the 2012, and is looking forward to what might transpire during the remainder of the season.
Andy Forsberg and his crew recently wheeled into the Silver Dollar Speedway, at Chico California excited about what might transpire in the hours to come. As one might suspect, the driver was eager to get the 410 class points race underway, but there was even more at stake on this particular day. The A&A Motorsports #92 car was fine tuned and ready for its 2012 debut.

As the fastest qualifier, Forsberg's eagerness continued to soar. "It's always nice to be the fastest time, but we knew that qualifying was just the start of what we were there to accomplish, which is always to win the main event. The key to success was to have all of our ducks in a row," continued the driver. "The car was prepared perfectly and we were fast right out of the trailer."

After finishing third in the heat race, Forsberg and #92 were to start forth in the twenty-five lap, main event. On a wet and heavy track, the top five drivers in the field continued to challenge each other for the top spot on the podium until the checkered flag finally flew. At the races end, Andy Forsberg crossed the finish line in third place, behind Sean Becker and Kyle Larson, earning himself a spot on the podium.

"I went from sixth to third and then to second," recalled Forsberg. "None of the top five held their position all that long. The track was crazy fast, and it made for a great race." When asked if he enjoys fast and furious races, he said, "I did have fun, but I enjoy getting the lead and staying there more than anything. We had a shot at the win, so that's really all you can ask for."
Andy Forsberg recently earned a spot on the podium at the Silver Dollar Raceway.
Andy Forsberg recently earned a spot on the podium at the Silver Dollar Raceway.

On the following day, Andy Forsberg and his team had very little time to enjoy their recent success as they were focused on the 360 class points race that was scheduled just hours down the road at the Placerville Raceway, in Placerville, California.

Finishing the qualifying race fifth quickest from the seat of the F&F X1, the driver prepared for his heat. After taking the third place spot in the heat race, Forsberg would start fifth in the main event. During a fierce battle, Forsberg managed to move up one spot by the race's end, earning a fourth place finish, and capping off a great weekend of racing.

When asked if his success at the Silver Dollar Speedway was a confidence booster for the following night, the driver explained, "Not really. I go to each race planning on winning, regardless of what happened the night before. I will say that when I do put a bunch of wins together, I feel like I can't do anything wrong and everything I plan on doing on the track will work out. The F&F X1 is always fast," he continued. "Those guys always give me a well-prepared car, and we are definitely confident when we race at Placerville."

During the 2011 season, Andy Forsberg competed in seventy-one races, and plans to race in a comparable number events during 2012. When asked if he preferred racing in either the 360 or 410 class, the driver was quick to answer. "I don't have a preference. I just want to be racing. It don't matter what engine is in the car. I love going racing." Referring to the key to success throughout the remainder of the season, Forsberg said, "We have to be prepared at every race when we unload, stay out of trouble and create our own good luck."

Andy Forsberg's driving skills and experience obviously play a huge role in his success, but the driver is quick to credit his team for the role they play. "The team is the most important aspect in racing," explained the driver. "It doesn't matter how good the driver is, if the car won't perform at top level."

Referring to the importance of maintenance, he continued, "Our maintenance checklist that we use every week, says, 'Championships are won at the shop!' We can't control certain events that happen on the track, but we can control mechanical failure as long as we are doing our job in the shop."

That in mind, Andy Forsberg and his team depend upon K&N products to keep the internal components of their engines contaminant free. "We use K&N air filters, filter oil and air filter cleaning solutions," explained Forsberg. "We have been using K&N products since the early 80's, when my dad finally started using air filters instead of just having open stacks on his engines. We love them. They work great, and we love our relationship with K&N."

When asked what fans can expect from Andy Forsberg in 2012, his answer was short and to the point, "Hopefully, lots of wins, and maybe a championship or two. We are trying hard."

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