2012 Kawasaki Teryx4 750 4x4 Powers Up with K&N Air Filter

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Replacement Air Filter for the 2012 Kawasaki Teryx4 750.
Replacement Air Filter for the 2012 Kawasaki Teryx4 750.
With the introduction of the 2012 Teryx4 750 4x4, Kawasaki becomes the latest entrant on the list of ATV/UTV manufacturers to add four seat recreational vehicles to their model lineup. However, the Teryx4 isn't just another golf cart juiced on 'roids, and it's certainly not merely a stretched version of the Teryx, only with a longer driveshaft and two more seats. In fact very few parts actually carry over from the Teryx, except some drive-train components, the steering wheel, and a few interior parts. What the Teryx4 does do, is to hit the sweet-spot between performance and intuitive ease of operation, which will have even more people discovering the joy of 4x4 UTVs.

The 2012 Teryx4 750's relative ease of use becomes immediately evident when you hop into the cockpit, hit the starter and mash the accelerator. The Teryx4 features ultra-light steering without a hint of steering kickback. The target for the Teryx4 is families with kids, hunters with buddies and extra gear, and pretty much anyone looking to recreate in places without Wi-Fi or cable. The additional seats on the Teryx4 allow for more room to take extra friends along for the ride, or in some cases, more room for storage.
Restriction Chart for KA-7512 Air Filter
Restriction Chart for KA-7512 Air Filter

The Teryx4 750 comes with Kawasaki's legendary 90 degree four-stroke V-twin. The V-twin design fitted on the Teryx4 750 has become a market favorite because of its stump-pulling power and easy-to-harness flexibility. The 749cc V-twin has been tuned to offer 17-percent more power than the already stout unit in the two-seat Teryx to compensate for the extra weight of four passengers and the added girth of the Teryx4's chassis.

Now, by simply upgrading the existing factory installed air filter with a K&N KA-7512 high-flow, reusable air filter, you can add instant performance to the 2012 Kawasaki Teryx4 750's off-road prowess. Like the Kawasaki Teryx4 750, the KA-7512 is designed and created to thrive in an environment requiring maximum horsepower. Plus, with the KA-7512 high-performance air filter you also receive excellent filtration and protection from dust and dirt.

K&N started making air filters for dirtbikes back in 1969 and has been providing excellent filters for off-road vehicles for over 40 years. This air filter is extremely durable and backed by K&N's One Year Limited Warranty. Furthermore, K&N air filters have a very high dirt capacity so you won't need to clean your KA-7512 air filter until the wire mesh begins to disappear under dirt. When it is time to clean the filter, simply wash then re-oil it.

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