Jordon The Jet Mallett Earns a Spot in the USCS History Books

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Jordon Mallett of Greenbrier, Arkansas is already making a name for himself during his first season in the USCS National Tour Series.
Jordon Mallett of Greenbrier, Arkansas is already making a name for himself during his first season in the USCS National Tour Series.
Greenbrier, Arkansas native, Jordon "The Jet" Mallett got a taste of the USCS tour during 2011 as he ran one of their regional points series. In fact, during the previous season he ran mostly local shows and select ASCS events. That said, the young driver bailed off into the National Tour in 2012 and immediately made a showing. Running in his career first USCS national event, held at the Carolina Speedway, the 2011 United Sprint Car Series "Rookie of the Year" earned a spot in the USCS history books when he walked away victorious.

The fact that he rolled into the Carolina Speedway on Friday the 13th never even crossed Mallett's mind; superstitions were not of importance to him. "The Jet" was focused on the event that was scheduled to be underway in the hours to come. Laughingly he explained, "No, I really didn't even think about it. It was a joking matter to me to make comments about it to others, because I myself am not superstitious."

The night started off on a positive note when Mallet won the power dash. Following the Dash, the young driver had confidence on his side as he prepared for his heat race. In the eighth position at the waving of the green flag, Mallett had managed to work his way into the fourth position upon crossing the finish line. Although he would have been elated with a heat victory, all turned out well, as after the inversion the driver was situated exactly where he needed to be for the feature; he was starting on the pole.

"My confidence about the night grew somewhat a little greater after winning the dash," recalled Mallett. "But I still knew the night was just fixing to begin so it was not a huge boost, more like just a bonus to me." Referring to his fourth place finish in the heat, the driver continued, "It definitely helped starting on the pole of the feature from my fourth place in the heat race. I was disappointed with the heat race though, because I had a car that would have won my heat too. I just did not have enough tear-offs," he continued. "I would have liked to have won the heat as well, and think we would have still been fine starting fourth or sixth in the feature. I feel like I still could have won the show even from back there. My car was just great!"
Jordon Mallet recently earned his first win in the USCS National Tour at Carolina Speedway.
Jordon Mallet recently earned his first win in the USCS National Tour at Carolina Speedway.

Before the thirty-lap race's end, Jordon "The Jet" Mallett had managed to gain a substantial lead, but that is no indication that the race went without any tense moments. "After taking the lead, I had two national champions who tried very hard to run my car back down," explained the driver, "but once out front, I was able to stretch out a lead to where no one could consider running me back down. It was extremely important to me to get the win, and get that taken care of and out of the way, as everyone says the first one is always the hardest to win."

When asked what separated him from his fellow drivers, Jordon Mallett said, "I'm just a normal person, who is willing to help people any way I can. I race using the talents that God has given me in order to bring him all of the honor and glory, making eternal differences with hopes that my racing can be used for not winning races alone, but winning souls for eternity."

Referring to the key to future success, the second generation driver said, "Keep charging hard and use this win as the confidence boost to think outside the box this season, and know how to put our team in a position to win. Our team is the most important aspect of my racing," he continued. "Without them, the racing could not continue. You have to have a race-winning team, before you can ever have a race-winning career."

Although a young driver, Jordon Mallett is acutely aware of the importance of proper maintenance. "Maintenance is vital," he explained. "It determines how well the car will perform when you arrive at the track, throughout the night, and is the determining factor in how it will hold up to the abuse it is put through that evening and if it will be able to complete the race. Just like it has always been said, most races are won in the shop, not at the track."

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Although residing in a small town, Jordon "The Jet" Mallett, doesn't lack a huge fan support, When asked what his fans can expect in 2012, the driver said, "They should expect more wins to follow in this season, along with contention for three points championships, with plans of this becoming my year to shine."

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