Bud Kaeding Makes His 2012 Winged Debut With World OF Outlaws

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Following a feature win, Bud Kaeding rolled into the Thunderbowl with confidence and anticipation of an action packed and exciting outing.
Following a feature win, Bud Kaeding rolled into the Thunderbowl with confidence and anticipation of an action packed and exciting outing.
With an action packed feature win behind them, Bud Kaeding and team BK Motorsports were prepared for a night of racing in the "world of Outlaws" series at the Thunderbowl, at Tulare, California. The Brian Matherly owned, Kaeding Performance/SCI/BZE backed #19 car had performed well at the previous venue, and Kaeding's confidence level was high.
Bud Kaeding and BK Motorsports recently embarked upon their first race in the 2012 'World of Outlaws' series, at The Thunderbowl, at Tulare, California.
Bud Kaeding and BK Motorsports recently embarked upon their first race in the 2012 "World of Outlaws" series, at The Thunderbowl, at Tulare, California.

Finishing with the sixteenth quickest lap in the qualifying round, the driver was to line up in the sixth position during his first heat. Very little passing transpired in the field full of drivers during the heat, and in turn the Kaeding finished in the same position where he started at the waving of the green flag, earning him a spot in the middle of the pack during the main.

Beginning in the sixteenth position, Kaeding began slowly and methodically maneuvering his way toward the front of the pack. The driver had worked his way into the top ten by the thirteenth lap, when the first red flag of the night flew. During the next thirteen laps, Kaeding managed to gain yet another spot and was in command of the ninth place position at the waving of a yellow flag.

After the restart, a steering issue demanded that the driver bring his car to a stop when heavy rains began pounding the track. As the field lined back up, the precipitation intensified and the red flag was thrown.

Throughout the commotion, Kaeding had lost his grip on his position but the race was far from over. That in mind, the driver worked his way to the high side, and continued charging forward. Upon crossing the finish line Kaeding had regained possession of the ninth place spot.

Although he would have obviously preferred earning a spot on the podium, Bud Kaeding was positive about the outcome of the main event. "The team had worked hard to get the car perfect," recalled Kaeding. "The race was a lot of fun. It was dry slick, and there was a lot of racing going on during the feature. Those kinds of nights are fun!"

With the 2012 season barely underway, Bud Kaeding and BK Motorsports are looking forward to the future. "We just have to make sure we are in the hunt to win every night," explained the San Jose, California driver. "I am looking forward to the summer months. There are a lot of events on our schedule, and we are excited to get them under our belt." When asked what it would take to deem the season as a success, Kaeding's answer was short and to the point, "Winning races and titles."

An experienced driver, Bud Kaeding is quick to say that his team plays a huge role in his success. "My teams are very important," he explained. "You need chemistry to make it all work."

Kaeding and team BK Motorsports are also aware of the importance of maintaining their vehicles. Maintenance is key," he suggested. "Races are won in the shop. If you're not prepared to win, it is most likely not going to happen."

Of course keeping the internal components of one's engines contaminant free is one of the main objectives if the driver expects his car to properly handle the rigors of racing. That in mind, BK Motorsports depend exclusively upon K&N filters. "We use the hp oil filters and the four inch K&N sprint car air box, Kaeding explained. "They are the most efficient products on the market. Our engine builders love them. If you want to be the best, you have to use the best."

Bud Kaeding and team BK Motorsports have high hopes for the 2012 season, and in turn, have intentions of providing the folks filling the stands with action packed racing. When asked what fans can expect from him and his team in the future, the driver said, "Victories. Racing is a team effort, and for our teams to be successful, it takes a combined effort from drivers, teams, sponsors and fans. Without all of those, none of this would need to be mentioned."

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