Trenton Briley and Briley Motorsports Earn Podium Spot at Glen Helen LOORRS

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At the age of fifteen, Trenton Briley is already making a name for himself in the off-road racing community.
At the age of fifteen, Trenton Briley is already making a name for himself in the off-road racing community.
Trenton Briley has been bitten by the racing bug at an early age. In fact, at fifteen he has already grown accustomed to lining up with and competing against drivers who have been participating in off-road racing for many years. Some folks might consider Briley's age as a disadvantage when it comes to competing against seasoned drivers, but Briley doesn't necessarily share that sentiment. "I don't see my age being an advantage or disadvantage," he explained. "But it definitely feels awesome, beating adults who are double my age."

Trenton Briley and team Briley Motorsports recently pulled into Glen Helen in Devore, California with anticipation of what might transpire in the hours to come. Racing in the Superlite class, Briley was prepared for fierce battle with fellow drivers who were equally as eager to get the SoCal Lucas Oil Off-Road Series event underway. Coming off of a win, the driver's confidence level was elevated and he was more than anxious for the waving of the green flag.

It didn't take long for the driver to figure out that the race was going to be as exciting as he had anticipated. Starting in the second place, Briley didn't waste any time working his way to the lead position. In fact, he was leading the pack by the second corner. Although holding the lead for a short period, it only took one miscalculation for his luck to go south. "Going into turn three, I made a mistake and hooked a rut, which put me on my lid, then back on my wheels," he explained. "When I landed back on my wheels, I was in fourth place."

Granted Briley had lost a few spots, but as long as there were still laps to go, he still had ample time to earn a position on the podium. That in mind, the driver continued to muscle his way forward and eventually found himself in a heated battle for the second place spot with fellow driver, Ryan Hagy. As the race progressed, Briley eventually took control of the position. At the waving of the checkered flag, the driver had managed to hold on to second place and earned a well-deserved spot on the podium behind the winner, Sheldon Creed, and in front of third place finisher, Cody Rhaders.
Trenton Briley recently finished second in the SoCal Lucas Off-Road Series event at Glen Helen.
Trenton Briley recently finished second in the SoCal Lucas Off-Road Series event at Glen Helen.

Recalling the event, Trenton Briley said, "The race at Glen Helen was definitely full of excitement. Throughout the whole race, there was a lot of beating and banging going on out there, but it was good, clean racing and a fun race for the fans. The key to earning a podium spot was just to pick off each position one at a time, and keep charging."

Although Trenton Briley lacks the experience that many of his competitors have acquired throughout the years, his early success during the 2012 season is a testimony that he is a force to be reckoned with. When asked, Briley suggested that his strong point as a driver is an ability to chase down drivers ahead of him. Although, Trenton is aware that his driving skills will play a huge role in his future success, he is also quick to credit his team with past wins, and is aware that they play a very important role in future podium finishes. "I feel our team is definitely a force to be reckoned with this year," he said, "and our goal is to take the championship."

Briley's success is also dependent upon keeping his truck mechanically sound. That in mind, he and team Briley Motorsports follow a stringent maintenance program and use K&N products to keep the internal parts of his engine contaminant free. "Maintenance is definitely a very important thing in off-road racing," explained Briley. "I couldn't do it without my crew, and everyone who helps out with setting up and working on the truck."

Referring to the importance of using the proper filters, he continued, "We have used K&N products in everything I have raced since I've started racing. We only use the best. I think K&N is going to help us a lot in our success this year and think they're the best product we can use."

Of course, Trenton Briley is very appreciative of his fans. When asked what followers the Briley Motorsports team can expect in 2012 his answer was short and to the point- "They can expect us to be on the podium and going for wins all season long in our chase to be the 2012 champions."

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