K&N Re-Signs Colton Haaker to Race the 2012 WORCS and GEICO Endurocross Series

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Colton Haaker's Kawasaki powered machine.
Colton Haaker's Kawasaki powered machine.
Endurance and fitness are essential for professional athletes, and the intense world of motocross can often bring weaknesses in one's personal fitness to the forefront. That's why Southern California native Colton Haaker has taken to a new sport to keep him fit- mountain biking. And so far, the challenge is helping him in his professional world as well.

Haaker is fresh off a career-best 7th place finish in the Pro category at the WORCS event in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and has consistently run up near the front this season. "The mountain biking has been awesome," Haaker said. "They're good events, great competition and some awesome cross training for my motorcycle competitions."

Haaker is running in a local series in Fontana, California, where he has improved his finishes nearly every time out. He said the events give him a much-needed reprieve from the daily grind of motorcycle racing. "It has been great to ride and race the mountain bike and break up my pattern between my motocross and endurocross riding," Haaker said. "It keeps everything fresh and fun."
Haaker is coming off a career-best WORCS finish at Lake Havasu City.
Haaker is coming off a career-best WORCS finish at Lake Havasu City.

Haaker is enjoying the 2012 season so far. The WORCS hasn't always been easy, but he's keeping it fun and is learning each time out. He said he hasn't had that 'wow' moment yet, but he also hasn't had a terrible moment either. "All of the moments have been pretty good, but the best moment will be when I win a race," Haaker said.

Haaker is especially looking forward to the start of the endurocross season on May 4th at The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. He thinks the extra stamina he is getting from mountain biking will give him an added advantage that his opponents won't have. Most importantly though, Haaker said he is finally truly enjoying his sport. "I am expecting to race and learn and grow in every aspect that I can this year. I want to keep improving and growing. I haven't enjoyed riding and racing as much as I have this year, so I think that's one thing I have going for me."

Haaker said the support he gets from K&N's line of high quality filters is essential in allowing him to focus on racing and not worry about his bike's reliability. "K&N's products are great. They have been easy to maintain and the reliability has always been there in all of my motorcycles. I have to put a lot of trust in an air filter company to run them in my bikes and K&N has definitely earned my trust."

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