NHRA Pro Stock Racer Michael Malmgren Ready to Win in 2012

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Michael Malmgren's Jerry Bickel built Pontiac GTO
Michael Malmgren's Jerry Bickel built Pontiac GTO
Every few years, Michael Malmgren experiences a race here in the states, but he is most at home at tracks throughout Europe. Racing in the Pro Stock Car class, the driver has many years of experience under his belt. In fact, Malmgren has been racing in the same class for twenty years. Referring to the birth of his passion for Stock Car racing Malmgren said, "I started when I was twenty-two, bringing my 1965, two-door, Oldsmobile Cutlass to the races. I ran it with a tuned up 455, with a tunnel ram manifold and twin carbs. It was pretty cool! After the race, I drove it home again." Times have changed since the driver first lined up on the track. In fact, Malmgren is now manning a Jerry Bickel built Pontiac GTO, loaded with some of the best parts on the market.
NHRA Pro Stock Racer Michael Malmgren
NHRA Pro Stock Racer Michael Malmgren

Comparing the sport of drag racing in the states and in Europe, the driver continued, "Same format, same rules, same everything; except that a good crowd is maybe forty-thousand spectators in Europe compared to eighty to one-hundred-thousand in the states. The biggest thing is that in the United States, teams are running full-time on a much higher budget and cost mass. By that, they run faster and finesse everything into every last detail. U.S. drivers may make two hundred test drives over the winter, and we maybe get in five or ten runs, tops. We run forty runs during an entire season, and they run four hundred, and in turn have much more experience. That's why we can't come over racing, and try to be competitive. It's just a mission impossible."

Due to adverse winter weather, Malmgren and his fellow competitors stop racing in October and don't get geared back up until May. Although the season is short, that doesn't have a bearing on the passion the drivers share for the sport of drag racing. During 2011 Michael Malmgren competed in all six rounds of the FIA Championship, and is already scheduled to return to the same event during 2012.

Referring to the previous season, Malmgren said, "We were in second place all the way up to the last race, but lost in the second round and fell down to the fourth spot. That was our worst ending in fifteen years. I would not call it (2011 season) a success. We did okay, but not super. We still ran strong at most events. Our team has the best parts and car possible and great support from all of our USA performance parts manufacturers," he continued. "We have a good crew and know what it takes to win."

According to the Pro-Stock driver, his best race of the 2011 season took place at "Hocheheim, in Germany". "Even though we lost in the second round, we ran very good and were the fastest car during the last qualifying session. We beat top dog, Nixon Sunblom, in the first round and had former FIA champion, Jimmy Alund second on the tree, which would be enough to put us in the final round," he explained. "But due to a lost spark plug wire in the burn-out, we had no power to outrun him. We really had a win in the box."

Eager to redeem himself in the 2012 season, Malmgren has already determined what it will take to experience success. Simply put, the driver is confident that he and his team must "work harder". "We need to do our homework better before coming to each race. We have also signed a deal with MBE heads, and together with Bob Ingles, my engine builder, we will have the power it takes to be on the top of the page."

Michael Malmgren and his crew are acutely aware that success also depends a great deal upon using filters that are capable of keeping the internal components contaminant free while allowing an adequate air flow and high volume of oil to run through their engines. That in mind, they use K&N products.

"Maintenance is very important," explained Malmgren. "Referring to K&N products, he continued, "We use the new hood-scoop and oil filters, as they work best. I also use K&N filters on my motorcycle and BMW car. K&N products are the best out there, and they absolutely have played a role on my success!

When asked what Michael Malmgren fans can expect in 2012, the driver said, "A hungrier driver than ever before. We will be back this year, running in the top!

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