Classic Car Studios Debuts Their Beautiful and Beastly Hellcat 1969 Chevy Camaro at SEMA

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Hellcat 1969 Chevy Camaro at SEMA
Hellcat 1969 Chevy Camaro at SEMA
Life is like a scale- there are two sides to everything. Custom car building is not much different. There is no getting around that fact that having a helping hand to put a show car together is beneficial but, is it beneficial to deal with the tug and pull of multiple ideas and opinions with deadlines to make?

The Classic Car Studio (CCS) seems to have solved the dilemma. They work great together and have constructed some really nice rides. Noah Alexander at CCS, claims, "We butt heads like any group working together, but we always pull together to problem solve and work towards delivery of a finely tuned product." The red 1969 Chevrolet Camaro they built was brought to SEMA 2011 and certainly raises the bar for a "finely tuned product" by all means.

CCS is a classic car sales organization that allows consumers to drive and own the classic dream car they never had. The motto posted on their website states, "Meticulous service and care for collector and performance automobiles." They offer everything from muscle cars to exotics. Noah is one of the owners and enjoys acting as the project manager for the whole operation. He also provides support at events and auctions to understand the classic car market better.
2011 SEMA Show featured this Chevy Camaro and its 770 hp 598ci Dart Big Block
2011 SEMA Show featured this Chevy Camaro and its 770 hp 598ci Dart Big Block

The 1969 "Hellcat" Camaro seen at SEMA 2011 began with a lot of brainstorming of the customer and those assigned to the project. Once an agreement was reached the car began the build process. A list of reputable aftermarket manufacturers' products were used as well as a bit of custom fabrication. Noah said that, "We perform 90% of our work in house and outsource interior work, specialized coatings, some machine work, CNC work and other very specialized services that we don't handle enough volume of to do at Classic Car Studio." From start to finish the Hellcat Camaro was built with quality in mind.

CCS normally sets out to build a machine that can handle street and track use. Noah told me, "Trailer queens have their place, but I like to see trailer queens that are also used...a lot!" I could not agree with him more. It is hard to understand how someone can build a vehicle with no intention of testing its true capabilities. We are not talking about thrashing a masterpiece but, maybe just let it breathe once and a while. That isn't too much to ask, is it?
1969 Hellcat Chevrolet Camaro at SEMA 2011
1969 Hellcat Chevrolet Camaro at SEMA 2011

The Hellcat Camaro is a highly reliable street car due to the following performance upgrades:

- 598ci Dart Big Block rated at 770 hp
- Pro-1 heads
- Callie internals
- Edelbroch EFI manifold
- Tremec TKO600 transmission
- Baer brakes
- K&N air filter
- Michelin tires
- Full custom exhaust

I asked Noah why they considered using a K&N air filter for this project and he believes, "K&N makes the best filters in the business and we use them on all of our performance cars. K&N offers a huge range of filters so we are always able to find the right filter for our application." As of today, K&N manufactures over 2,000 different air filters.

CCS is constantly progressing and has many interesting projects coming up this year. 2011 was the first year they brought a vehicle to SEMA so, you can expect them to be in attendance for years to come.

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