The Ding Master's Aquatic Themed Ford Excursion at SEMA 2011

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Ding Master's 2000 Ford Excursion at SEMA
Ding Master's 2000 Ford Excursion at SEMA
Car shows like SEMA prove that dreams do come true; more so for Robert Linn and Brandy Jackson and their aquatic themed Ford "Seascursion". SEMA 2011 attracts numerous trucks to display the latest automotive products on the market. Ding Master's custom Ford Excursion is a fine display of aftermarket components and custom fabrication.
2011 SEMA Show featured thus custom Ford Excursion called the "Seascursion"
2011 SEMA Show featured thus custom Ford Excursion called the "Seascursion"

Rob and Brandy own Ding Masters located in Banning, Ca. They offer the usual auto body services such as paint, window tint, and dent removal; hence the name Ding Masters. Running an auto body shop is like running a tattoo parlor; in that, you have the opportunity to get creative with your work. Many consumers like to customize their vehicles and what better way to do so than add a custom paint job.

Ding Masters got pretty creative with this 2000 Ford Excurison. It not only brings a dream to life, but proves that they produce excellent results when it comes to vehicle customization.

Many aftermarket products were used to complete this special build, such as; a K&N air filter, Super Swamper tires, MHT wheels, Fiberine custom fiberglass top, Xenia Pacific custom vehicle wrap, and Conti-tech air bags. The aquatic theme can be found inside and out. The interior can only be described as a luxurious sea adventure. There is a wraparound bench with a cocktail table and plenty of head room for passengers. Riding in the back of the "Seascursion" must be like taking a ride in an underwater limousine.
Interior of the SEMA featured Ding Masters Ford Excursion
Interior of the SEMA featured Ding Masters Ford Excursion

Charles Young, from Ding Masters, mentioned, "The vehicle mainly sits at the Ding Master collision center for advertising purposes." This is a great advertising tool. How could you possibly miss this huge aquarium parked on a street corner? I must say, it is quite impressive to see in person.

This truck is a glimpse of what goes on after hours in the Ding Master shop. Long hours were put into building and preparing this rig for SEMA.

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