Antonia Maldonado's 2011 Scion tC Brings Breast Cancer Awareness to SEMA

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Antonia wanted her car to have a feminine touch and still be sporty at the same time.
Antonia wanted this SEMA featured 2011 Scion tC to have a feminine touch and still be sporty at the same time.
SEMA may be all cars and car lovers, but one can't accuse them of forgetting to devote some time to worthy causes, or at least while this pink and white 2011 Scion tC is sitting prettily nearby. With a modest list of external mods that run from the pink Scion symbol at the back to the breast cancer awareness symbol adorning the nose, this vehicle has remained a very clean build and an exceptional example of what a first project vehicle can become. Influenced by the modifications present on her first vehicle, Antonia decided that, "I wanted my car to have a feminine touch and still look sporty at the same time."
2011 Scion tC at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada
2011 Scion tC at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

The list of suspension and wheel modifications includes KSW wheels, R1 concept rotors, MPG caliper covers and Tein springs. With a K&N intake being the extent of the under-hood modifications the engine will be retaining all of the endurance that Scion is known for, with a modest increase in horsepower. And yes, that pink color scheme extends into the cockpit of the vehicle in the form of pink seat belts and a pink and black leather and suede interior.
Antonia Maldonado's Scion tC on Display at 2011 SEMA Show.
Antonia Maldonado's Scion tC on Display at 2011 SEMA Show.

With a build time (so far) of only a year, this car remains a daily driver and work transportation for Antonia. In the future, Antonia sees herself trading out those black KSW rims for a new set of pink and white rims. And when asked about the most difficult part of the build she answered that the front splitter was the single hardest installation on the vehicle.

As an after school provider and an aspiring car builder that considers her specialty to be building themed cars, Antonia is particularly thankful for the sponsorships she has received. Even though this is Antonia's first time to SEMA, she doesn't intend to let it be her last. One of her main goals for the coming year is to win some show trophies for that car. Automotive enthusiasts can expect to see Antonia and her brightly trimmed Scion at many local shows in the future.

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