2009, 2010, and 2011 Aprilia RSV4 Owners Get High Performance Air Filter with K&N

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AL-1010 replacement air filter for 2009-2011 Aprilia RSV4s.
AL-1010 replacement air filter for 2009-2011 Aprilia RSV4s.
The sport bike realm was established long ago when some motorcycle enthusiasts decided they wanted to accelerate ridiculously quickly, hit triple digit speeds and stop on a dime while carving corners, all on two wheels. The question was how to compile all of these qualities into one motorcycle. That is where the term "sport bike" was most likely coined. Over the years motorcycle manufactures spent countless hours engineering machines that could accomplish one lofty goal - be the faster than the competition. This started an ongoing battle to win sport bike championships. The Italian motorcycle manufacture Aprilia is no stranger to the sport bike industry. Their latest Superbike, the RSV4, has stood atop many podiums and won a World Super Bike championship in 2010.
Restriction Chart for AL-1010 Air Filter
Restriction Chart for AL-1010 Air Filter

The Aprilia RSV4 combines many features any speed demon would appreciate. The powerful, yet compact, 4 cylinder engine provides over 170 horsepower. It comes with adjustable suspension, powerful brakes, and advanced electronic components to aid riders in safety and inspire confidence. This description may sound similar to many super bike details but, none are as compact as the RSV4. Every square centimeter was optimized during the design process.

It may be hard to believe that such a dominant motorcycle could need any improvement, but the factory air filter still leaves something to be desired. To fill this need, K&N has developed the AL-1010 high performance air filter. The motorcycle filter is designed to increase horsepower and acceleration and is a simple and direct replacement for the factory air filter.
AL-1010R race spec replacement air filter for 2009-2011 Aprilia RSV4s.
AL-1010R race spec replacement air filter for 2009-2011 Aprilia RSV4s.

The AL-1010 filter is washable and reusable and comes backed with the famous K&N Million Mile limited Warranty, which proves it is a quality product that will offer excellent performance and protection for RSV4 sport bikes. It's the last air filter Aprilia RSV4 owners will ever need to purchase.

Another option for track riders is the race spec AL-1010R race air filter from K&N. Every little bit counts on the race track, whether it be finding the correct valve lash or calculating what tire to use based on weather conditions. It may be that edge for which riders are constantly hunting. The AL-1010R filter is recommended for racing use only, due to the 2-ply cotton media design with less pleats than the 4-ply AL-1010. It is capable of flowing more air than the standard K&N replacement AL-1010, and is warranted against defective workmanship for one year after the date of purchase with no mileage limitation.

AL-1010 and AL-1010R are listed for the following applications:

2011 Aprilia RSV4 R 1000cc
2010 Aprilia RSV4 R 1000cc
2009 Aprilia RSV4 R 1000cc

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