K&N Air Intake Helps 2011 to 2016 Dodge Durango & Jeep Grand Cherokee Gain Estimated 17HP

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K&N Air Intake Installed on a 2011 Durango 5.7L.
K&N Air Intake Installed on a 2011 Durango 5.7L.
Dyno Chart for the 63-1563 intake system.
Dyno Chart for the 63-1563 intake system.
K&N has introduced the 63-1563 AirCharger® air intake system for 2011 to 2016 Dodge Durango models with 5.7 liter engines and 2011 to 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee models with 5.7 liter engines. Owners of these highly sought after mid-sized SUVs now have an easy way to add horsepower, torque, and acceleration. K&N has made the installation process very simple by using existing factory mounting holes and easy to follow installation instructions that include numerous pictures.
K&N Air Intake System for 2011 to 2016 5.7L Dodge Durangos and Jeep Grand Cherokees.
K&N Air Intake System for 2011 to 2016 5.7L Dodge Durango models and Jeep Grand Cherokee Models.

The 63-1563 intake system is designed to add horsepower and it all starts with K&N's high flow air filter technology. By eliminating the factory air box, K&N's engineers created enough room in the engine bay to install a large, tapered, washable and reusable cone air filter, part number RF-1041. The air filter has a large surface area for higher airflow rates and it helps increase horsepower by minimizing restriction. Another benefit of a filter with more surface area is a longer service interval between cleanings. In fact, this filter can go up to 100,000 miles before cleaning is needed, depending on driving conditions. When it is time to clean the air filter, it can simply be done using K&N's 99-5000 or 99-5050 Recharger® Kits. These kits comes with both the cleaning solution and air filter oil.

Next, K&N improved the airflow pathway from the air filter to the throttle body with a precision-molded intake tube. By utilizing a high-density polyethylene material, K&N's engineers were able to maximize airflow while not requiring any modifications to the engine's factory programming. There are ports on either side of the intake tube to maintain the factory connections- one for the factory IAT sensor and one for the crankcase vent line.

What all this engineering comes down to is sheer horsepower with outstanding engine protetcion. K&N dynamometer tests show an estimated horsepower gain of 17 horsepower at 4944RPM and an estimated increased torque of 15.45 pound feet at 4400RPM. Additionally this intake comes with K&N's industry leading Million Mile Limited Warranty, so drivers can rest assured they're protected.

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