K&N's Metal Hitch Cover Stands Out in 3-D

K&N Hitch Cover has 3-D graphics and vibrant epoxy color fills
K&N Hitch Cover has 3-D graphics and vibrant epoxy color fills
From time to time the K&N machine shop would machine a hitch cover or two with the K&N logo. These machined covers were costly to make but the few that were seen created a demand for more.
K&N Hitch Cover on Pickup Truck
K&N Hitch Cover on Pickup

To fill this demand K&N Engineering, Inc. has just released a great looking high quality, low cost metal hitch cover (87-4011) that will fit any standard Class III (2-inch receiver) or Class II (1 ¼ -inch receiver) hitch.

It adds a great custom touch on the rear of your vehicle and covers the unsightly hole in your receiver hitch. K&N Hitch Cover 87-4011 was designed to stand out with three dimensional graphics and vibrant epoxy color fills.

Installation is simple, just slip it in and your hitch pin holds the K&N Hitch Cover in place. It works with any hitch lock and is easy to remove when you need to tow.

The new hitch cover is 7" wide and 3" tall.  It is available at K&N's online store at the great price of $17.84 while supplies last.  For more information visit the K&N Hitch Cover product page.

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