K&N Adds New Reusable Air Filter for Big Diesels to Their Heavy Duty Air Filter Line

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Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Diesel Air Filter
Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Diesel Air Filter
Every diesel owner knows that high quality parts are necessary for their vehicles to run at peak performance. Traditional diesel truck air filters are not made to last long periods of time.  Their use is limited either by a set number of miles or depending on how dirty and restrictive they become.  They are thrown away and purchased again and again.  That is why K&N has developed its new line of Heavy Duty commercial grade diesel filters that are washable and reusable. For over 40 years K&N has brought power and performance to vehicle owners. Now you can take this world famous performance to your commercial class 6 to 8 trucks or larger recreational diesels.

Redesigned with a new hybrid filtration media, K&N Heavy Duty air filters do not require oil and they offer excellent filtration with low restriction.  In addition to these features, K&N HD air filters are washable and reusable with the ability to handle both power washers and compressed air for fast cleaning times.

"The 38-2028S is designed as an axial seal filter," says Dino Marutsos a product manager for K&N. "[Meaning] the filter itself has its own molded in gaskets for better sealing and extra protection." Dino also reported that this is contrary to some styles of disposable filters which used glued gaskets to create the necessary airtight seal of the filter. The 38-2028S is a standard flowing filter in that air flows from outside the pleats into the center of the filter then it exits through the filter base and eventually into the engine.  This air filter allows air to flow with little restriction through its lofted synthetic media while filtering particles and dust that could cause harm to your engine. The 38-2028S is backed with a 3 year, 300,000 mile warranty and requires servicing when your filter restriction gauge indicates it is time to clean.

This easy to install heavy-duty air filter fits several types of tractors, loaders, cranes, compressors, mining and earth moving equipment but the best way to determine if it will work for your needs is to look at your existing air filter and cross reference it to find the right K&N heavy duty air filter.  The 38-2028S is made as a replacement to the following list of disposable air filters:

Baldwin PA2456
Carquest 87546
Donaldson EAF5049
Donaldson P181049
Donaldson P182049
Fleetguard AF4090
Fleetguard AF891
Fleetguard AF891M
Hastings AF511
Luber-Finer LAF6453
Luber-Finer LAF6453MXM
Napa 2546
Purolator A73014
WIX 42546

See the K&N Heavy Duty Air Filter web page fore more information on these large diesel air filters.  Find K&N products for your street vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.

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