FMX Rider, Destin Cantrell Soars To Heights That Most People Can Only Imagine

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Destin Cantrell has made dirt jumps that carry him up to 50 feet from the ground.
Destin Cantrell has made dirt jumps that carry him up to 50 feet from the ground.
Born into a family with a passion for riding motorcycles, one would suspect that Destin Cantrell would acquire a love for the sport as well.

Sure enough, Destin took to riding as a youngster and has never looked back since. In fact, at a young age, Destin began competing, and after about ten years of racing had the opportunity to jump a ramp, and was immediately hooked by this particular type of riding. Shortly thereafter the fifteen year-old had sponsors and was on his way in the sport of freestyle. It's only fitting that the opportunity arose for Cantrell to try his hand at jumping, as he was an avid fan of Gravity and X Games as a youngster.
Destin Cantrell awes people with an array of incredible jumps and tricks.
Destin Cantrell awes people with an array of incredible jumps and tricks.

Recalling watching these sports as a youngster, he said, "I thought it would be so cool to try it one day. I grew up racing, but just found jumping and doing tricks came a little easier and a lot more fun" stated Cantrell. When asked what he enjoyed most about freestyle, the rider continued, "Going out and practicing new tricks, and the feeling of floating off the bike."

It's not uncommon at all for those who enjoy riding dirt bikes to occasionally goose the accelerator upon approaching a hump and experience their bike gliding through the air for a short distance, but the jumps that Cantrell embarks upon are much more drastic than what the average Joe is accustomed to. In fact, According to Destin, a normal jump from a 75 foot metal ramp will take him about 25 to 30 feet in the air. Granted, just the thought of soaring so high in the sky is exciting, but the rider has made dirt jumps carrying him 50 feet from the ground.

"I would have to say my favorite jump is at Jimmy Fitzpatrick's (a fellow freestyle rider) house," shared Destin Cantrell. "It's a huge 160-foot dirt double that you float forever on." When asked his most difficult jump, the rider continued, "I would say the hardest are double-double jumps, where there is a jump right after another one. It can be kind of hard to time it right."

To keep fit and well tuned at the sport, the rider tries to practice on a daily basis. According to Cantrell, he is known for really big extensions and the ability to bend his body in crazy ways.

Although Destin competes in as many competitions as possible, there are very few contests for FMX (freestyle motocross) and the riders have to be invited to compete. That said, much of his time is dedicated performing demos with TNT Action Sports and Dew Tour throughout the country. In fact, the rider awes people with an array of incredible jumps and tricks in anywhere from 40 to 50 shows a year. The rider has performed in practically every state.

Cantrell performs in demos and competes in FMX practically 12 months a year, although the action seems to slow during Supercross season. When asked if he had a favorite venue, Cantrell said, "I would have to say the coolest one was in Hollywood, California. Shut down Hollywood Boulevard and Vine for us to do a demo is rad because it's such a known area."

To perform with such precision, a rider must have a good rapport with their bike. Cantrell rides a 2010 Yamaha YZF 450. The rider has also made a few modifications to fit his style of riding. Cantrell has modified his handle bars, exhaust and suspension. Cantrell also depends on K&N Filters.

Referring to K&N products he explained, "I use filters (K&N) in my freestyle bikes and also K&N cold air intakes in my Yamaha Rhino, and wife's liberty. They are amazing," he ensured. "My bike runs so good and is so noticeable."

When asked if there was a message that he would like to relay to his sponsors and fans, Destin Cantrell concluded graciously, "Thank you for all of the love and support throughout my career, and I'm gonna keep having fun living life, on my bike."

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