Dalton Millican Has AMA ATV Motocross Victory in His Sights

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Dalton Millican wins the 450A class at Spring Creek Motocross
Dalton Millican wins the 450A class at Spring Creek Motocross
Eighteen-year-old, Dalton Millican, appears to be on a roll, and has hopes of walking away with the AMA ATV National Championship under his belt at the season's end. Dalton recently had an impressive performance during their sixth stop on the AMA ATV Motocross Series in Delmont Pennsylvania, at Steel City Raceway. Riding in the 450A class, Millican experienced his first overall victory in Production A of his young career.
AMA ATV Motocross Series Racer Dalton Millican
AMA ATV Motocross Series Racer Dalton Millican

Most recently, Dalton Millican earned his fourth win of the season in the 450A class at Spring Creek Motocross, located in Millville Minnesota.

Exceeding Tyler Hamrick by 46 points, Millican appears to be in the driver's seat. If he continues to stay focused and perform well for the four final races of the season, Dalton is likely to be in the running for the AMA ATV National Championship, a goal he and his fellow competitors have been shooting for throughout the year.

While in Pennsylvania and Minnesota, Dalton managed to pull every holeshot in the races in which he competed. When asked to share the strong points that have put him in the running for the Championship, Dalton said that he thinks focus and being comfortable are important.
Dalton Millican is likely to be in the running for the AMA ATV National Championship
Dalton Millican is likely to be in the running for the AMA ATV National Championship
Dalton also stated that he prefers concentrating on the areas where improvement is needed. He said that he tries to focus on staying comfortable, and not getting worked up. Of course one's success depends a great deal on their ATV's ability to perform properly and handle the rigors of racing. When asked about K&N Filters, Dalton said, "K&N Filters have been working great for me."

When asked if he was on a roll or in a groove, Dalton said, "I'm trying to be. I want to be in that groove in front of everybody. I don't want to be second, I want to be up front." When the key to staying in his groove was mentioned, Dalton, continued, have fun, don't get stressed out, and stay after it. That's what I try to do every day.. work out and ride.

As do most competitors, Dalton Millican has a great appreciation for his fans and sponsors. When asked if they were important to him, Dalton replied, "I'm going to continue to do the best I can and show them that I'm thankful for all of their support. I'm going to keep after it until they are happy with what I'm doing."

After a three-week layoff, Dalton is scheduled to compete in four more races prior to the season's end. When asked how he would prepare for the final races of the season, Dalton explained that the next three weeks would be spent, "Doing a lot of riding, training, and getting ready for the final four races. I'm leading the points in one class and second in the other. I'd like to be leading in both classes and finish on top at the end of the year. That's my main goal."

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