AMA ATV National MX Series Motocross Racer Dalton Millican

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AMA ATV National MX Series Racer Dalton Millikan
AMA ATV National MX Series Racer Dalton Millikan
Millican is a name you know but this story is not about Clay Millican, professional drag racer with 6 Top Fuel Championships, this story about his son, Dalton. Dalton has racing in his blood and literally grew up racing. One day Dalton plans on moving into a Top Fuel car and race with his Dad's team, but for now all of his racing has been on an ATV in the AMA ATV National MX Series.
ATV Motocross Racing's Dalton Mikkican
ATV Motocross Racing's Dalton Mikkican

Dalton began ATV racing because he loved jumping his ATV. His dad quickly recognized his talent and got Dalton involved with ATV racing five years ago in the beginner class. Young Millican's first ATV National win came last year at Loretta Lynn's Ranch Amateur Motocross Championships. This race draws competitors from all over the US and the nationwide qualifying system ensures equal representation from all parts of the country. The track is raced only one time a year and ensures that no one will have a chance to ride or race on it before the rest of the competition arrives. The AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships have become the premiere amateur national series in the United States, and the proving grounds for America's future professional Supercross and Motocross heroes. "To get my first win there was special," says Dalton.
MX Racing with Dalton Millikan
Two races into the 2011 season and he has won the 450A class at both races and has finished second at both races in the Production A class. "I was very proud to have won the Pro class in the ArenaCross Tour event held in Memphis recently. To go out and get my first ArenaCross Tour win in front of a packed Arena and at home was awesome," Dalton tells us. Just recently he raced at the famous Balance Moto X track in Oakland, KY. Again he is continuing his early season streak of pulling hole shots and podium finishes with another second place in the 450A class.
Dalton Millican's first ATV National win came last year at Loretta Lynn's Ranch Amateur Motocross Championships
Dalton Millican's first ATV National win came last year at Loretta Lynn's Ranch Amateur Motocross Championships

Dalton's K&N relationship came about through Lucas Oil and his Dad. Clay is good friends with Bob Harris who handles a lot of K&N's racing accounts. Dalton shared the reasons why he uses K&N filters, "To me the biggest benefit of using K&N products is you never ever have to worry about power or performance. For our race team that maintains the bikes they never have to worry about keeping the dirt out of our engines. A clean engine is a happy engine. A happy engine makes me a happy rider, because when I need to hit a 100' triple I know K&N will give the power to make it over."

Dalton also gets help from his other sponsors like MPE Motorsports, Parts Plus, Lucas Oil, Nitro Fish, Maximum Cycle, Walsh Race Craft, Joe Byrd Quad Riding School, Custom Axis, Hoosier Racing Tire, Rath Racing, VP Racing Fuels, PJ1, KPM, Lonestar Racing, Fly Racing, Dark Synergy, Oakley, JE Pistons, and Adventure Team Racing.

Obviously MX racing is what Dalton loves to do and winning makes it even more fun. The fact that he gets to race all his friends at the local races teaches him about the close comradery racers of all genres share. Clay is the racing star of the family, but keep an eye on Dalton, because his racing star is on the rise!

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