Brooke Kawell and the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Modified Kart Division

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Trophy Truck Racer Brooke Kawell
Trophy Truck Racer Brooke Kawell
When most kids start racing, they envision themselves one day hoisting a Sprint Cup trophy, or taking a swig of milk at the Indianapolis 500. Brooke Kawell is not your typical kid. The 7th grader's plans are a little muddier. Let me explain.
Kawell Currently Runs in the Modified Kart Division
Kawell Currently Runs in the Modified Kart Division

Kawell is an aspiring trophy truck racer. She currently runs in the Modified Kart division at the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series events, often against drivers who are older, with more experience and a larger budget than she has. But just two weeks ago, Kawell made a giant statement when she finished third at the Regional event at Firebird Raceway in Arizona. Kawell started last in the Main Event, but maneuvered her way into a podium position quickly, and held on to become the first female to ever podium in a Modified Kart.

"I did great in that race," said the well-spoken, home-schooled Kawell. "To be the first girl to ever podium in a Modified Kart was pretty exciting."
Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Racer Brooke Kawell
Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Racer Brooke Kawell

Brooke's mother, Stefanie, has guided her daughter through her racing career, and said the moment was a special one. "I couldn't hold back the tears. We were so proud of her. To be the only girl racing in the class and podium is amazing," said an elated mother.

Brooke has a chance to revolutionize Off-Road Racing. The NHRA had Shirley Muldowney and now has drivers like Ashley Force-Hood and Erica Enders. The IRL has Simona De Silverstro and some lady named Danica Patrick. You might have heard of her. Even NASCAR, considered to be far behind the gender curve compared to other American auto sports, has had drivers like Shawna Robinson, Jennifer Jo Cobb, and now Patrick. But the Off-Road scene lacks a household name female to pair with stars like Curt Leduc and Carl Renezeder. Kawell could be that driver one day. She certainly has set her sights high.

"I want to win a championship in the Modified Kart…when I'm sixteen, I'd like to move up to Pro Lite's and eventually Pro 4's (the equivalent of the Sprint Cup in short-course racing). I want to be the first female to win a Pro 4 Championship. I'd also like to compete in the Baja 1000," Kawell declared.

Kawell certainly has some good blood lines. Her grandfather raced Sprint Cars and Off-Road vehicles, and her father was a Motocross racer and a 3-time Baja 1000 winner. Kawell new she wanted to race and her father decided four wheels were better than two. From there, Kawell started running in various karting races, but when she was introduced to the dirt and trophy kart's, she found a home.

Kawell said she looks up to her cousin, professional dirt bike racer Blake Baggett. She enjoys being home schooled, because it allows her to focus on racing and take her school work with her. When asked about her friends, Kawell said they are supportive of her racing. Actually, she said "They think it's sick, especially since I am a girl and can hang with the boys."

Personality? Check. Racing in her blood? Check. If anyone is going to break the gender barrier in Off-Road Racing, Brooke Kawell might just be the one to do it.

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