Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Team Tyree Motorsports

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Tyree Motorsports' Off Road Truck
Tyree Motorsports' Off Road Truck
Jimmie Johnson. Robby Gordon. Walker Evans. Brendan Gaughan. Those are just a few of the drivers who used off-road racing as a springboard to careers in NASCAR and Indy Cars. Nick Tyree wants next.
Nick Tyree and his Pro 2 Unlimited Truck
Nick Tyree and his Pro 2 Unlimited Truck

The El Cajon native is coming off a solid showing in his freshman season racing Pro 2 Unlimited trucks in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Tyree overcame a sharp learning curve to post solid finishes week in and week out. He was rewarded with a 13th place points finish in a series that saw more than 30 drivers compete for championship points.

"I was introduced to the Lucas Oil Series by a friend at the end of 2009," said the former karting and motorcycle racer. "Last season was all about learning for us as a team. It would be hard to pinpoint one specific thing that we learned, because there was constantly an opportunity to learn. I think the value of humility, sportsmanship, and teamwork were front and center for Tyree Motorsports in 2010. We learned how to troubleshoot technical problems and performance issues with help from some of the legends of the sport. That really improved our team."
Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Driver Nick Tyree
Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Driver Nick Tyree

Tyree is looking forward to 2011, and a chance to stick his name into the discussion for most improved driver. He also wants a win, and he possesses a rare quality that the greats usually have; the ability to be self critical. "I am a perfectionist. I need perfection and I don't stop when I get it. Even when I drive a good race I am constantly looking for more ways to improve. I have a standard of excellence that I hold myself to both on and off the track."

Nick and his father Curtis founded the team in 2010 on the premise of bringing their family closer, and so far it's succeeding. "Tyree Motorsports would not exist without the support of our entire family. All of my crew members are friend and family, and they all have full time jobs to keep up with. Yet they all take time out of their lives to come work in the shop at night. That's what keeps this team going."

On that topic, Tyree says life would be a little less stressful heading into 2011 if more sponsorship could be secured. "The less I have to worry about funding, the more I can focus on our main goal; winning races. I want to focus on my skills as much as possible to ensure a successful season."

K&N bought in to Tyree Motorsports core values and entered into a relationship with the team for the 2010 season. Tyree is even more excited about the relationship heading into his sophomore campaign.

"Everyone knows K&N is a reputable company with a high standard for quality products. That's why we are proud to use K&N products at Tyree Motorsports. I am looking forward to establishing a long running relationship with K&N as Tyree Motorsports continues to evolve into a winning program."

And who knows, maybe a legend will be born as well.

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