K&N Unveils 2011 Calendar Project - With Lots of Curves

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K&N 2011 Calendar - Front Cover
K&N's 2011 Calendar is 2 feet wide.  It is not a typical calendar by any definition.
Working life at most companies in just about any industry is largely the same: dedicated teams of engineers, marketers, and the rest all working on projects assigned from management. Every so often, something interesting happens. Various groups within a company start working secretively on a project without many people knowing about it. These projects often stem from an idea that something can be done better, and a small, motivated team goes about setting it right.
K&N 2011 Calendar - Back Cover
K&N 2011 Calendar - Back Cover
At K&N Engineering, best known for their innovative automotive air and oil filtration products, a small group of employees got together this past year in an attempt to fix a long standing wrong. No, it is not an overlooked approach to filtration, but the cheesy pin-up calendars that are so prevalent in the automotive scene. Enter the ultimate car guy's pin-up calendar, K&N's 89-11493-11.

"We were sick of seeing the same 'girl standing next to a car' calendar done by so many automotive companies in the past, so we set out to do something that would make people say, "Wow, that's an awesome calendar," said Adam Stadler, Creative Manager at K&N. "To that end, every shot was thought out to try to be something different than we had seen in the past.
K&N 2011 Calendar - Month of May
K&N 2011 Calendar - Month of May
We used some unique locations, vehicles, lighting techniques, shot angles and even printing methods to try to create a piece that was different than people were used to seeing. "Our idea was to create a large, colorful shop calendar that was unlike anything that you typically see out there," explained John Remus III, principal photographer on the project.
K&N 2011 Calendar - Month of Jan
K&N 2011 Calendar - Month of Jan

K&N's huge calendar, part number 89-11493-11, is 24 inches by 18 inches!  It features a wide variety of cars from K&N's own customers and sponsored racers. The calendar includes something for everyone; there is everything from a 1932 Buick, to a lifted truck, a Ferrari, a hearse, a rat rod, a race car and a custom chopper - each shot in its own unique style so that no two months look the same. For example, one shot was lit with nothing but a blowtorch - no lights at all. Another month was of a ballerina on a lifted truck in a lot full of tractors - not something you're likely to have seen before.

"The entire crew for this project was four K&N employees. When I say this was a labor of love, it really had to be since we were doing this project on top of all of our normal responsibilities at K&N. It led to a lot of long days but it was fun to be a part of such an interesting new project for our company," said Stadler. Even the models themselves got a kick working on something new and homegrown. "I had one of my best modeling experiences working with your team. Such a warm, yet professional team of individuals and I would work with K&N again in a heartbeat," said Crystal Rivera, the model featured in the January photo. Many of the models were already fans of K&N as well, so they were even more excited to be a part of the new project for the company. Nathia Sherri, as seen in the May shot, explains, "I had a great time getting to shoot the K&N calendar with K&N! I love that I got to be in a calendar of the products I have in my own truck and sand rail."

Remus described a barrage of curious inquiries from industry people as word started to get out about the calendar being finished, "The amount of feedback and anticipation I've received throughout production has been overwhelming. It's very exciting!" The 2011 K&N wall calendar 89-11493-11 will be available in limited supply on K&N's website at www.knfilters.com. The calendars are priced at a low $17.99 including shipping and will only be available for a short time, so be sure to get yours before they are hanging on someone else's wall! Now that production is complete and the project has been so well received, kudos are definitely in order for the skeleton crew who made this idea into a reality:

Photography: John Remus III / Adam Stadler
Art Director: Adam Stadler
Project Manager: Nick O'Kane
Project Assistant: Caitlin Clement

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