Jeff Maldonado of the Revoluscion Car Club and his Modified 2006 Scion tC at SEMA

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2006 Scion tC featured by Tokico at SEMA
2006 Scion tC featured by Tokico at SEMA
The 2010 SEMA Show was very impressive when you compare it to previous years. A plethora of personalized and performance modified vehicles filled the Las Vegas Convention Center. Hundreds of custom cars and trucks overflowed into the parking lots outside; polished and ready for the show.
Jeff Maldonado's custom 2006 Scion tC
Jeff Maldonado's custom 2006 Scion tC

Jeff Maldonado, president of the new generation Scion car club called Revoluscion CC, found his way back to SEMA this year with his modified 2006 Scion tC. "Last year I went as a Smartwax feature vehicle," Maldonado explained. "This year, the tC was featured by Tokico."

Maldonado tells us that Revoluscion CC is going to, "set a higher standard outside the ordinary." The Revoluscion car club has set a momentum that continues to push toward success.
Revoluscion Car Club's 2006 Scion tC
Revoluscion Car Club's 2006 Scion tC
"A lot of us have already accomplished Magazine features, Awards and SEMA features in less than 2 years," Maldonado expresses. "Our ultimate goal is to build a family out of the team and support our community while wow'ing everyone at the shows."

Many of Maldonado's impressive accomplishments have been circulating around the press. Automundo, a popular Spanish automotive magazine, did a 4 page feature, L.A. Times did a piece and there was a feature in the 2009 & 2010 SEMA Show Magazine. Some of the awards presented to Maldonado thus far include the Finest Driven & Finest Custom Scion at Remix, Best of Show at Scion's Unlock the tC, First place at Scion Nationals and second place at T.O.R.C.

After his 2009 SEMA feature, Maldonado's fellow Revoluscion CC members were inspired to build cars of their own that could be shown at SEMA. "The reason for my return [to SEMA] was more to support and represent Revoluscion Car Club," Maldonado mentioned, "and to support all of our sponsors like K&N Filters."

Sometimes Maldonado reflects on his many achievements and competitive aspiration. "Having a show vehicle had been my dream since I was a little boy; back when Hondas had the scene controlled," he shared. "Being part of the scion culture, I was influenced to do to my vehicle, what I had once dreamed about." Maldonado began to attend car shows and meets and developed a hunger for being the best. "I started getting more and more competitive," he adds. "I've been in the scene since 2006 and I've been going strong ever since."

The 2006 Scion tC was Maldonado's first vehicle built exclusively for show. "I had a Toyota Tacoma which I did some minor upgrades," said Maldonado. "As for a full show build, this is my first." For performance, Maldonado's Scion tC is equipped with a K&N air intake system and K&N premium oil filter. "Performance and durability," is Maldonado's reason for choosing K&N products, "and the K&N intake matched the look of my tC."

Getting to SEMA is an achievement all in itself. Maldonado explains it as, "A stepping stone for many things to follow. " Maldonado warns, "If you are not mentally, physically and financially ready for the commitment, think twice before going through with it."

This year SEMA was a big success from a business perspective. "From a personal stand point, I enjoyed it a lot more this year," Maldonado expressed. "I felt this time, I was ready. With the help of our sponsors, the 2010 build was much easier than the last year."

When asked about what the tC does when it's not at a show, Maldonado says jokingly, "It's daily driven yo!," then continues. "nah, I think this year, since I got a daily, I will probably use the tC just for the weekends."

Jeff Maldonado and the Revoluscion Car Club would like to be back to SEMA next year to show off their innovative and attractive automotive builds and strengthen their relationships with sponsors that help them achieve, what some would call, automotive excellence. "I don't know what 2011 holds for me and my club," Maldonado concludes. "We'll shoot for a few magazines, help other members reach the SEMA goal and make our club even stronger. All I can say for sure is that we will be behind K&N 100%."

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