K&N Supported Jason Meyers Wins Ironman 55 in Pevely, Missouri

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Winning the Ironman 55 is an honor says Jason Meyers, he is proud to now be include on the list of winners.
Winning the Ironman 55 is an honor says Jason Meyers, he is proud to now be include on the list of winners.
I-55 Raceway in Pevely is a high-banked third-mile clay oval, banked 19 degrees in the corners and 10 degrees on straight-aways - it's a bullring. A lot can happen in 55 laps of racing there. Surviving and making it to the checkered first requires a saint's patience and a paramount ability to roll with the punches, to bob and weave, to move from defense to offense in the same thought. Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing team proved that they were up to the task, winning the Ironman 55 by just .092 of a second, after one of the longest races on the World of Outlaws schedule.
Meyers and his Elite Racing team won the longest race on the World of Outlaws schedule by a mere .092 of a second.
Meyers and his Elite Racing team won the longest race on the World of Outlaws schedule by a mere .092 of a second.

"To win any race here, let alone a 55-lap race is pretty special," remarked the Brownsburg, Indiana driver. Meyers earned his first career victory at I-55 Raceway back in 2008.

"We had a great race tonight and learned some things last night that we were able to use tonight. We just keep getting better," added Meyers.

On Friday night during the prelude to the Ironman at I-55 Raceway Meyers ran strong, but fell just a few positions short. After recording quick time in qualifying, Meyers would have to settle for a sixth place finish.

"We have been in a little bit of a lull this last month," stated Meyers. "I keep saying that with hard work we will overcome it and get back to Victory Lane. My guys are working really hard right now. Fortunately we got some good information that helped us out."

"Winning the Ironman 55 is certainly a milestone victory, it's an honor to be on the list of winners. It is amazing how you can race for 55 laps and be that close at the end, but that's short track racing and that is what makes it so exciting."

Being on the road with the World of Outlaws and racing 80 times a year takes its toll. It's grueling schedule, with racing reaching coast-to-coast, and even north of the border. You have to be iron tough, yet flexible enough to bounce back from adversity when it strikes. Meyers proved he has the chops, overcoming a blown engine in qualifying only four days before the big race.

A bad race for me is a lesson, and as the adage goes 'a lesson learned is a lesson gained,'" reflected Meyers.

"I read once that every great athlete has a profound ability to learn from their mistakes and then forget about it and move on, and that is what I try to do. I hate losing, but I always try to make something good out of it. Sometimes it is very hard, but if I can find a positive anywhere, I take it and use it to get better."

In the World of Outlaws racing the month of August is referred to as the "Month of Money". The K&N supported driver and his Elite Racing team are headed to the Knoxville Nationals next for their very real chance of cashing in on yet another big check.

"I feel great going into the Nationals this year," commented Meyers. "It is a tough race and things need to go your way. The big thing to remember is it is just another race."

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