Always Impressive K&N's Mike Ferderer Adds Yet Another NHRA Super Gas Victory to Resume

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With several checks in the win column for K&N's Mike Ferderer already during the 2010 season, a racer of Ferderer's championship caliber is bound to find room to make a few more on his list before season's end and that's just what he did during the most recent NHRA Division 6 event at Spokane County Raceway.
Mike Ferderer and the K&N Clad Pontiac Grand-Am
Mike Ferderer and the K&N Clad Pontiac Grand-Am

A track with a very long history for Ferderer, including his very first championship some thirty years ago when the facility flew under the AHRA banner, it's truly no surprise to see him continue to extend his long list of accomplishments at the Spokane, Washington facility.

Coming into the event, Ferderer has already won NHRA National events during the current season with his K&N clad Pontiac Grand-Am, in both Super Gas and even Top Sportsman on his very first attempt at the class. He also just nearly missed a victory in Super Comp the week prior at the Sonoma NHRA Divisional event, all while driving a car he had never before taken down the track.

Looking for his first Division win of the season, Ferderer felt going into eliminations for the Super Gas class, that this particular event may be a little tougher than usual.

"Well it was a short field," he explained. "The trouble with that is, the guy that's on the outside of that looking at it thinks 'ah well you only have to go five rounds'. And really the problem is everybody gets so many time runs that they are already dialed in."

"So that's makes everybody extremely tough," he emphasized. "Were as if you get two or three time runs over a weekend, sometimes then if you are a better dialer than the guy you are racing and you can get a round win that way. But this race here, they were all pretty much playing hard ball."

Ferderer's own game of hard ball was just a little tougher than his competitors' in the other lane. He made it through four tough rounds of competition before meeting up with hungry Chris Cannon is the final, looking to acquire his first NHRA Divisional win and should it happen at the race, it would be one with extra bragging rights.

Cannon had been rather consistent on the tree throughout eliminations, while Ferderer had a few lights in earlier rounds where he was able to make up for with his deadly top-end decision making.

When it came to the final, Ferderer was the event champion before he even left the line as Cannon went .014 red, although Ferderer wasn't immediately aware of the win.

"I didn't know that he had red-lit in the final," he said. "We got down to about a thousand foot and all of a sudden he just lifted completely and I thought he lost a motor. So I slowed way down just to make it safe and it all worked out in the wash."

Ferderer, who is on the Top Ten All-Time Win List for NHRA Division 6, has a very important back-to-back event planned for his K&N Pontiac in the coming weeks, with 2010 NHRA Division 6 Championships on the line. First will be a continuation of the postponed NHRA Division 6 Mission, B.C. event from May, where Ferderer already won first round. That will take place in the days leading up to the regularly scheduled Division 6 event for Pacific Raceways, both at the Seattle, Washington track.

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