Dirt is Paramount in 242 Miles of Nevada Desert Racing

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Desert dirt in Nevada is fine, a silt like talc of sorts that gets everywhere and sticks to every crevice. Imagine passing a tractor trailer in the rain, but this time the spray is not water, its sand so fine it’s like getting a face full of baby powder.

Damen Jefferies: Photo Courtesy of Herman Motorsports
Damen Jefferies: Photo Courtesy of Herman Motorsports
The mucky sediment hits racers full force during every pass at the Best in the Desert Terrible’s Town “250” off-road race. “We started 14th, and had to pass through 11 cars in this intense 242 mile race,” said Herman Motorsports racer Damen Jefferies. “We don’t have a windshield and sometimes it took 30 minutes to pass one car. We spent all day in the dust.”

The Best in the Desert race starts and ends in Pahrump, Nevada, a small town near Las Vegas. There are white mile markers for every mile on this twisty rocky course. Racers find their way via pink ribbons and avoid orange markers that mean danger. The first pit stop is at 18 miles, the longest distance from pit stop to pit stop is 45 miles in this off-road adventure.

Jefferies drives a Herman Motorsports Class 1 Unlimited Race Car. The team built the Chevy LS10 from the ground-up. The 675 horsepower vehicle is the team’s first end-to-end project. Herman Motorsports uses K&N Engineering Oil Filters and Air filters.

Herman Motorsports Class 1 Unlimited Race Car: Photo Courtesy of Herman Motorsports
Herman Motorsports Class 1 Unlimited Race Car: Photo Courtesy of Herman Motorsports
“The Terrible’s Town 250 was our second time in this particular Chevy and we took 2nd place overall,” said Jefferies. “We hit top speeds of 150 mph in some spots, but the 80 or 90 twisty rocky turns reduced our speeds a lot. Our average was around 63 mph.”

Jefferies said the dirt in this epic off-road race normally eats engines alive. “Our K&N filters performed exceptionally well, they were 100 percent effective,” he said. “There was no dirt in the engine after this very long desert race.”

Jefferies drove four hours, two minutes and twenty-one seconds. The winner’s time was four hours, one minute and twenty-nine seconds.

The next race for Herman Motorsports is at Baja.

Follow Herman Motorsports progress throughout the racing season at the K&N news site.  Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.

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