Linus Sundstrom Climbs Rank for International Motorcycling Federation World Championship

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Linus Sundstrom was the Swedish Rider of the Year in 2008
Linus Sundstrom was the Swedish Rider of the Year in 2008
In just a few short years, Linus Sundstrom has established himself as one of the brightest up-and-coming riders in European Speedway Bike racing. The 19-year-old from Avesta, Sweden is looking to continue his climb through the ranks of Speedway racing and qualify for the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) World Championships.
Sundstrom will be doubling up with The Ipswich Witches team in the British Elite League
Sundstrom will be doubling up with The Ipswich Witches team in the British Elite League

In 2008, Sundstrom was the Swedish Rider of the Year. Last season he captured the Under 19 Nordic Championship, and was also a European Team Under 19 Silver medalist for Sweden and a Bronze medalist at the Swedish Under 21 Finals. This season, Sundstrom is setting his sights even higher.

"I want to win the Swedish Under 21 Final and qualify for the Under 21 Individual World Championship," said the Swedish star. "I also want to represent the Swedish Under 21 team in the Under 21 Team World Cup."

In 2010, Sundstrom will be riding for Rye House in the English Premier League and Piraterna in the Swedish Elite League. He will also be debuting in the Polish first League for Start Gniezno, and to cap things off, will be doubling up with The Ipswich Witches team in the British Elite League. When asked, Sundstrom said there's not much difference riding in other countries.

"Of course at times there is a language barrier…but I just love to ride my bike and I don't care where I ride. This year we are looking to ride in over 100 meetings."

The FIM World Championships are a series of 11 races run throughout Europe. Just racing in the series establishes riders as elitists in the world of Speedway racing; And Sundstrom appears to be on the fast track to fame. "It's my long term goal, but it takes a gigantic financial commitment and, like all racing, a little bit of luck, too."

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