K&N Adds High-Temperature Anti-Seize Lubricant to Its Line Up of High-Performance ROUSH Adhesives

K&N’s ROUSH product line now includes a nickel-graphite anti-seize high-temperature resistant lubricant. The nickel-graphite formula paste is designed to prevent seizing, galling, pitting, excessive wear and corrosion even in extreme conditions.
ROUSH 485 High-Temperature Nickel-Graphite Anti-Seize Lubricant.
ROUSH 485 High-Temperature Nickel-Graphite Anti-Seize Lubricant.

ROUSH anti-seize part number 485 can be used on construction equipment, in the marine, aircraft, oil field, farm, mining, or milling industries for general maintenance. ROUSH 485 high-temperature nickel-graphite anti-seize lubricant is suitable for threads, gears, chains, cables, sprockets and rollers.

Use of this chemical resistant product is recommended to help prevent galvanic attack and protect parts where different metals come in contact, such as brass and steel.

ROUSH anti-seize is made in the U.S.A. Before use, ensure parts are clean and dry removing dirt, oil, and grease. Shake anti-seize well and brush on. Assemble as usual and wipe away excess product.

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