Sammy Swindell Gets Second World of Outlaws A-Feature Victory at Eldora Speedway

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For the first time drivers from the World of Outlaws (WoO) and the rival National Sprint Tour (NST) met at the Eldora Speedway. The Sprint Car fallout did not keep drivers away from the race. The April event featured the World of Outlaws Mean 15 racers against the stars from the All Star Circuit of Champions.

Guy Forbrook Owned Mopar
Guy Forbrook Owned Mopar
Here is what happened in the sprint car world:
A group of drivers unhappy with the direction of the WoO left to form the National SprintCar League (NSCL). That league folded in December. After the former WoO drivers could not resolve differences, track promoter and former driver Fred Browfield picked up the series. The end result was the National Sprint Tour (NST), which formed about two days after the NSCL collapsed.

The NST, signed four of the WoO’s top 10 drivers in points standings from 2005 and 11 of the top 20. The WoO, however, has some large shows this season and still holds a lot of star power.

The bottom line; high speeds, tall banks and solid walls brought the racers together despite their differences for a three-day event at one of the fastest tracks in the United States.

Racer Sammy Swindell dominated the other 40 drivers by running mere inches from the infamous wall and leading all 30 laps of the main event. For two nights Swindell entered the RacinSoles Victory Lane for the checkered flag in the Guy Forbrook-owned Mopar-powered Volcano Joe’s Coffee/Wirtgen Maxim.

It was not the perfect picture, however. On Friday night Swindell had just about everything go wrong that could go wrong at Eldora Speedway. “A big rock tore the radiator out of the car on Friday,” said Guy Forbrook, owner of Forbrook Motorsports. “We ran 17 laps without water and the motor got so hot that the throttle stuck wide open. But, we won the race because we had a big enough lead.”

The only problem Swindell encountered Saturday on the way to his second World of Outlaws A-feature victory this season was making sure he picked the right line through traffic.

“You have to do whatever it takes. A lot of guys can run good on some of the smaller or slower tracks but running well at high-speed tracks has always been something I’ve been able to do,” said Swindell. “The faster the place is, it seemed like the more of an advantage I can get at times. I really like the speed. I think a lot of guys get intimidated by running up close to the wall but I’ve got a lot of laps in here and I’m more comfortable running right up next to the wall than being away from it. I figure if something breaks I won’t hit it very hard.”

Car owner Forbrook signed Swindell two years ago. He said he was not worried about Swindell racing against the wall. “It takes certain people to win Eldora, and every time you show up there with him you have a really good chance of winning,” said Forbrook. “I’ve had a lot of good cars that should have swept here but never did until now.”

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Swindell, a three-time World of Outlaws champion from Germantown, Tennessee made his machine work anywhere he needed it in Eldora. It was a $12,000 payday, with an event total of $17,000.

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