National Midget-Racing Comeback is Goal of Concordia, Kansas Based Two Hoods Racing

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Garrett Hood driving the #11h Stealth Midget
Garrett Hood driving the #11h Stealth Midget
Grassroots race teams are the heart and soul of the sport. Granted their challenges and day-to-day tribulations are on a smaller scale than the big leagues - but often the tests put on a racers individual spirit at that level carries far more impact, and they can at times be far more debilitating, or inspirational.
#1c at Belleville Midget Nationals
#1c at Belleville Midget Nationals

Midwest midget driver Garrett Hood from Concordia, Kansas was out of racing for a spell when he got involved in a racing incident which destroyed his car a couple of years back. "The team is just my Dad and I. He has done so much for me and in helping me pursue a career in racing. I only hope the right opportunity will come my way and I will be able to run a lot more in the coming season," reflects Hood. The Two Hoods Racing Team purchased new wide body Stealth car after that crash and Hood was back in business - until just a few months ago, when Hood had to face a far deeper, more soul searching tragedy.

"Overall things have been going good for Two Hoods Racing and me. I work at Chados Auto Body and Glass and run the team from our shop in Concordia. I want to move to more of a hot bed of racing but just can't afford to move and run the racecar right now," says Hood.

"I have been racing a midget for the last four years and before that I raced mini sprints for three years. In 2004 I worked for Jimmy Weller III, the owner of a sprint car team in Ohio. I had a great time with the team and learned a lot. I love open wheel racing, from the day-to-day maintenance on the cars, to being at the track racing for the fans. I do all the work on my car and I also worked on Chad McDaniel's cars."
Two Hoods Racing getting ready for the next race.
Two Hoods Racing getting ready for the next race.

"Chad and I raced together from the beginning of my career. He was a very close friend and unfortunately we lost him in a race accident at Knoxville (Midget Nationals May 30, 2009). There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about him. It has been tough getting back into the swing of things with racing. When we ran together we pushed just a little harder to make sure we beat one another to the checkers. I traded more slide jobs with Chad than all the racers combined and it is just tough to think I will never trade another one with him until my number is called. I will keep running as long as I can - I know he is with me every lap I make."

Since the accident Hood has only been entered at McCool Junction and at the Belleville Midget Nationals. "We finished 11th at Belleville which was awesome," says Hood. "Chad and I loved that track so much, it's only 18 miles from home. I just don't have enough experience at that place for set ups though. We had the car way too loose and it was a handful, so I just ran the bottom and finished," adds Hood.

"I run all the K&N stuff I can on the car. I run the short four-injector air filter on our Fontana motor, along with a K&N oil filter. I use the cleaner, oil, and grease for the maintenance of the filter. I also run the carbon fiber base plate for the filter, which is great. It holds up to the vibration and movement better than the rubber bottom base. I also run a cold air intake on our Duramax diesel that pulls the race trailer. It has been great having K&N as a sponsor and I look forward to the years to come."

"I'm planning on running at Kemper Arena and then the Chili Bowl. As for the upcoming season, I have no definite plans yet. I can only hope I will get to do this forever, or to be involved with racing on some level, but if not, I wouldn't trade anything in the world for the experience. I do not regret a single moment. I love this sport - there are some truly amazing people in racing."

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