K&N Custom Air Filter Assembly for Honda VTX1800 Provides Performance and Style

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Cruisers know about cool looks but serious street cruisers also want power. K&N Engineering has a Performance Air Cleaner (RK-3916) for the 2002-2008 Honda VTX1800 designed with a custom look and serious power.

Performance Air Cleaner for the 2002-2008 Honda VTX1800
Performance Air Cleaner for the 2002-2007 Honda VTX1800

K&N's RK-3926 on Honda VTX1800
K&N's RK-3926 on Honda VTX1800
K&N offers its custom chromed billet air filter assemblies for your metric cruiser.  The stunning new lid combines billet aluminum which is chrome plated for a long lasting shine while easy to maintain on your motorcycle. There are three choices, RK-3906 has a mirror finish and RK-3916 is our ball groove design. RK-3926 is pictured below with a flamed design.

K&N air cleaners for motorcycles feature our unique High-Flow Technology with an original K&N air filter for serious performance. The custom assemblies' overall size is greatly increased to allow more air flow improving acceleration and service intervals.

"A K&N filter this size is designed to be cleaned at approximately 25,000 miles," said K&N Engineering Powersports Brand Manager John Jump. "A typical rider may not ride 25,000 miles during the life of the vehicle."

The K&N XX air filter assembly fits the following Honda VTX1800 models:
2008 HONDA VTX1800T 1795
2008 HONDA VTX1800N 1795
2008 HONDA VTX1800F 1795
2008 HONDA VTX1800C 1795
2007 HONDA VTX1800T 1795
2007 HONDA VTX1800R 1795
2007 HONDA VTX1800N 1795
2007 HONDA VTX1800F 1795
2007 HONDA VTX1800C 1795
2006 HONDA VTX1800C 1795
2005 HONDA VTX1800C 1795
2004 HONDA VTX1800C 1795
2003 HONDA VTX1800C 1795
2002 HONDA VTX1800C 1795

Installation is very easy on your bike and should take between 45 to 60 minutes for completion. Due to the high volume of air intake it may be necessary to remap the fuel injectors for optimum performance.

Custom chromed billet RK-3926 Air Filter Assembly on Honda VTX1800
Custom chromed billet RK-3926 Air Filter Assembly on Honda VTX1800
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