Aaron Cline Loves the Adrenaline Rush of Stunt Riding

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Aaron Cline teamed up with local stunters and  performed a couple of shows around the Kansas City area.
Aaron Cline teamed up with local stunters and performed a couple of shows around the Kansas City area.
27 year old Aaron Cline says his passion for stunt riding began in 2003 after visiting the local stunt spot and watching riders do wheelies, stoppies and burnouts. "I spent countless hours of practicing. I even called into work some days because I couldn't wait to get back on my bike and practice a new trick," says Cline. "In 2004, I teamed up with the local stunters and performed a couple of shows around the Kansas City area.  I've always liked to show off, so once I got in front of a crowd I was hooked! The adrenaline rush of stunting, plus the looks on the people's faces as I rode by in a highchair wheelie was awesome! It just fueled my fire to ride more and work on getting more shows."
Aaron Cline uses K&N filters on his bikes
Aaron Cline uses K&N filters on his bikes

Later that year, Cline partnered up with his current teammate Jeff Schneider to create ILLCONDUCT, also known as Harley Stunts. Their first sponsor was a local Harley Dealership that outfitted them with new Buell XB12Rs. "That was one of the biggest accomplishments in stunt riding at the time. Having a dealership backing us helped us book shows all over the country," says Cline. "That year was our first taste of life on the road and we were loving it!" The pair began performing at big events such as Sturgis while travelling all over the country. 

Currently doing around 30 events a year, ILLCONDUCT has even performed in Canada, India and Jamaica. "By far the best thing about stunt riding is the great people I have met in the motorcycle industry, the fans and being able to share the experience with great friends," says Cline.

Aaron and his teammate perform on Harley Sportster XL 1200's and Buell XB 9's. "Our bikes take a ton of abuse and keeping our machines in top condition is always a priority," says Cline. "We use K&N oil and air filters on all our bikes. Even with custom air box modifications on the Buells, we were able to find a K&N filter to fit the bikes and still improve performance. We now use K&N filters on all our vehicles for the increased fuel economy and performance."

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