Performance and Protection for the Honda S2000 Roadster Sports Car

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Honda S2000

Honda S2000

The Honda S2000 is a lightweight two-seat sports car equipped with a high performance inline four-cylinder engine. This sleek roadster was designed with a well balanced chassis, superb handling, and a quality interior. Honda S2000 models are capable of generating more than 200 horsepower, meaning that these cars can punch above their weight.

K&N is dedicated to providing quality products that offer premium performance and protection for your Honda S2000. Replacement air filters, cold air intakes and heavy-duty canister oil filters are some of the performance upgrades available from K&N.

Air Filter for the Honda S2000
Air Filter E-2435
for the Honda S2000

The K&N replacement air filter for the Honda S2000 was engineered to fit into your factory airbox without any cutting or fitting. This simple design makes adding performance to your S2000 as easy as removing your stock paper filter and replacing it with a K&N. Our OE replacement air filters are backed by a million mile limited warranty so it's the last air filter your Honda S2000 will ever need.

The E-2435 is a large cone-shaped replacement air filter designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing outstanding engine protection. The E-2435 will fit 2004-2009 Honda S2000 models with a 2.2L engine and 1999-2007 Honda S2000 models that have a 2.0L engine.

Honda S2000 Air Intake
Honda S2000
69-1040TP Air Intake

Honda S2000 Air Intake
Honda S2000
69-1040TWR Air Intake


K&N cold air intakes for the Honda S2000 are guaranteed to increase horsepower. They are engineered to provide virtually unrestrictive air flow to your engine. K&N removes the restrictive factory air filter, air box and intake housing and replaces it with a high-flow K&N air filter and custom intake tube that is designed to smooth and straighten air flow to your engine.

Testing has shown an estimated increase of 9 horsepower at 6500 RPM with K&N's 57-3514 fuel injected performance air intake. This non-metallic high-flow intake system was designed to fit 2004-2008 Honda S2000 models with a 2.2L engine, and 2000-2003 Honda S2000 models that have a 2.0L engine

Honda S2000 Air Intake
Honda S2000
57-3514 Air Intake

Honda S2000 Air Intake
Honda S2000
63-3514 Air Intake

K&N's 69-1040TP, using a polished aluminum intake tube, and 69-1040TWR, using a red powder coated intake tube, were designed to dramatically reduce intake restriction allowing more air flow to your engine. Both intakes show an estimated gain of 5 horsepower at 5220 RPM during dyno tests. These intakes will fit 2004-2005 Honda S2000 models with a 2.2L engine, and 2000-2007 Honda S2000 models that have a 2.0L engine

The 63-3514 uses a non-metallic rotationally molded tube that can provide reduced intake air temperature and decrease intake sound over a metal tube. This air intake system will fit 2000-2007 Honda S2000 models with a 2.0L engine, as well as the 2008 Honda S2000 2.2L engine.

Oil Filter for the Honda S2000
Honda S2000
HP-1004 Oil Filter

K&N's premium oil filter HP-1004 was designed to fit 2004-2009 Honda S2000's with a 2.2L engine and the 1999-2007 Honda S2000 models with a 2.0L engine. The HP-1004 uses thick canister walls for extra strength and durability which helps reduce the risk of damage from loose rocks and debris.

The HP-1004 was designed to allow high oil flow rates while maintaining filtration levels necessary to ensure long engine life. It comes with a 1" nut welded to the top of the canister so it can be easily removed. K&N premium oil filters are also compatible with the latest synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils.

Find all K&N products for your Honda S2000 or any other vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your area.


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