UROC Rockcross Season Finale at Firebird Raceway in Arizona Double Win for Team Lovell

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The UROC (United Rockcrawling and Off-Road Challenge) Rockcross season finale took place at Phoenix, Arizona in mud and standing water. Brad and Roger Lovell left victorious at Firebird Raceway with not only one, but two wins.

Lovell Brothers in the heat race at Firebird RacewayLovell Brothers in the heat race at Firebird Raceway
Pure Adrenaline Shootout at Phoenix, Arizona
Pure Adrenaline Shootout at Phoenix, Arizona
It’s usually sunny in Phoenix, but it rained several inches the day before the event. “Rockcrawlers usually hate mud,” said driver Brad Lovell. “I think more than one team was reluctant to drive out of the pits. Mechanically we’re not set up for the mud.”
Team Lovell uses K&N Engineering Products
Team Lovell uses K&N Engineering Products
Lovell Brothers in the Finals at Firebird Raceway
Lovell Brothers in the Finals at Firebird Raceway

As racing started, the trucks turned into indistinguishable brown clods. The Lovells put on tear-off goggles. “We usually compete with glasses not goggles,” said Brad Lovell. “We were lucky enough to procure some.” The FABTECH Ranger with K&N Engineering products is set up with windows in front of the foot pedals. “We removed the Lexan windows in the foot-wells,” he said. “This gave us a little more visibility.”

The intake system is on the passenger side of the wheel well. “We have a K&N cone style air filter that sticks out in the wheel well,” said Lovell. “It got caked in mud. We rinsed it off between runs and it worked great. The filtration from our K&N filter was one less thing to worry about under these difficult conditions.” The Lovell’s had the fastest qualifying time and took pole position.

The green flag dropped and six vehicles left the line. The Lovell’s owned the hole-shot and led the pack into the jumps. The tangle of trucks went around the track but the FABTECH Ranger with K&N Engineering products pulled away for a win.

The vehicles that were left standing participated next in the Pure Adrenaline Shootout. “Shannon Campbell’s moon buggy has almost twice the power to weight ratio we do,” said Brad Lovell. “It got a car length on us before the first turn. We put pressure on him and he started to roll as he entered the turn. Shannon started to push through on three wheels but missed the corner. We were fast but developed a problem with the fan unit. We held off the rest of the pack but the fan breaker kept popping and killing the truck.” In the end Campbell was disqualified for missing the corner and Lovell Racing was declared the winner.

There is a little break before the beginning of the 2008 season. Lovell Racing will enter its first event at the inaugural King of the Hammers 40 mile rock race on February 22.

Follow the progress of Team Lovell throughout the 2008 racing season at the K&N news site. Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.

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